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Spa Software: The Complete Guide to Your Wellness Tech Stack

Learn all the insider tips and tricks to buying your next tech solution

While spas used to be manageable via analog systems, modern wellness businesses require a modern approach to operations. That’s why most owners and managers rely on spa software programs to create efficiencies, boost productivity, and help their businesses grow. If you’re looking into buying your first platform — or need an upgrade — then read on. From booking tools to point-of-sale (POS) systems, this article is a deep dive into the world of spa software, explaining the tech, exploring the benefits, and outlining what you should look for in a solution.

So…what is spa software?

Spa software is technology that improves how spa owners, managers, and staff run their businesses. These tools and platforms can add value across the entire operation, from individual solutions for booking or POS to comprehensive spa management platforms that touch nearly everything in the business.

How great spa software makes (just about everything) better

A business is nothing without its people — but it can be so much more with the right tech. Because it frames the entire spa experience, having the right booking solution is an absolute necessity. If your clients are greeted with a gorgeous interface that provides a customized booking experience, they’ll feel right at home long before they walk onto the spa floor. 

The importance of great tech continues after clients have booked their appointment. They should be able to pay quickly and easily — and use any method they choose. To ensure they can, it’s essential to outfit your spa with beautiful, functional, and fast POS hardware and software.

Tech can also help ensure your clients keep coming back. A full-featured salon management platform will have personalized client profiles, support loyalty program development, and make running and analyzing promotions a snap.

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Spa booking software green flags 

Gift cards get people spending $$

We’ll tell it like it is: Spas who don’t use booking software that supports gift cards are leaving money on the table. Gift cards boost sales by inspiring your customers to share spa experiences they love with the people they care about. The best booking software goes that extra mile, enabling clients to completely personalize their gift cards.  

Online membership support is a must

Much in the same vein as gift cards, get your clients thinking beyond their current appointment by using spa booking software that gives them to option to buy memberships and other service packages. This feature will make your customers feel like they’re getting a bargain and provide you with a steadier revenue stream. 

The power of choice

Does your booking software allow your clients to choose the staff member that serves them? People are creatures of habit and tend to feel most comfortable when they’re in an environment with people they know and trust. So look for a platform that gives them that freedom: Your clientele will undoubtedly be grateful. 

Booking for everyone, everywhere

For multi-site spas, use a platform that supports booking across all your locations. Without this feature, you’re adding unnecessary complexity to the process, confusing your clients, and effectively hamstringing your online booking flow. If you don’t have one yet, don’t worry: There are solutions that have got your back.

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How an innovative POS system = big-time ROI

It lets your staff do the work they do best

Implementing a powerful and intuitive POS system will take a significant load off of everyone on your team. The daily challenges of running your business are difficult enough on their own without adding tech support to everyone’s plate. When you don’t need to spend your staff’s valuable time and mental energy learning how to use another complex system, they can focus on delivering your trademark customer service. The same holds for management, which should be optimizing on day-to-day operations of the business — not wrestling with old tech.  

This is why many spas are turning to Boulevard Duo, a sleek, innovative, and integrated POS that accelerates the entire payment process. It also works seamlessly with the Boulevard platform, giving your team one hub for all your operations needs, scheduling to payroll.

It provides powerful business analytics

The best spa POS systems also have a real-time data and reporting interface. From transaction data to operational accounting, your POS system should pack all the critical data in a set of dashboards that helps you and your team understand exactly how the business is doing at any point in time. This allows owners and managers to improve processes and catch problems before they snowball. Top-of-the-line solutions will break down employee-by-employee performance, SKU-level sales data, and trend spotting capabilities. 

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Signs you’ve found your spa management system soulmate

A+ client management

You may know everything about your clients, but not everyone else on your team does. So spread the wealth by making sure you translate everything you’ve got between your ears into your spa management system’s customer relationship management (CRM). Your platform’s CRM should empower you to cultivate your client relationships by supporting multi-channel communications, robust client profiles, and more. You should also look for a solution that makes it easy to understand what’s going on at a high level via smart reporting and analytics functionality. 

Slick scheduling

To make sure your spa is maximizing its profits, find a spa management solution that simplifies and streamlines the whole scheduling process. The best spa software captures the whole appointment landscape in one pane, has an intuitive calendar view, and works with the client booking process. And for optimal efficiency gains, look for a solution that harnesses the power of automation. 

With all these features and more, Boulevard’s platform is an ideal choice for innovative spas. One of its most powerful features, Precision Scheduling™, leverages automation, downtime minimization tech, and intelligent appointment clustering to ensure your spa gets the most revenue out of every workday.

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These days, software is as essential to a successful spa as the classic massage chair, and we hope this guide has given you the advice you need to make your next tech investment a wise one.

Boulevard was built to help your business achieve profitability at scale without losing an inch of sanity. See for yourself! Get a free demo today.

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