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Power your business with Boulevard Payments™

Consider payments covered. Create a seamless checkout experience with cardless point of sale. Offer better, safer ways to pay with our EMV-certified Boulevard Duo payment hardware featuring tap, dip, and swipe. We’re here to help with questions on refunds, transactions, and merchant summaries too.

Payment Processing-Hero

All-in-one payments platform

Easily reconcile your payments with transactions and sales reports all housed under one roof. No more guessing games. Transparent reports and fees, plus proactive 1:1 support, put you in charge.

  • Store cards on file for contactless checkout
  • Unlock higher tips for your staff with our discrete tipping feature
  • Mobile cardless checkout (available on the iOS Professional App) allows all staff to close out appointments right from their phones, alleviating front desk friction and encouraging upsells
  • Questions about transactions? We got you - without hold times

Transparent fees, always

Say no to hidden charges like statement fees and “priority” support. Your processing and software costs will always be transparent, simple, and fair.

Everyone gets paid with multi-merchant accounts

Independent contractors? Renters? No problem. Boulevard supports multi-merchant setup directly within the platform. All payments are automatically sent to the correct person when transactions occur.

Elevate your front desk with Boulevard Duo™

Introducing Boulevard Duo, an EMV-certified point of sale designed just for you. Compliment your front desk with Duo’s sleek, elegant design features. Accept dip, tap, swipe, and contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Deliver a better client experience with seamless, secure payments.