API Access

All your systems, working in harmony

Minimize multitasking with a partner who helps you connect the dots across your tech stack. While most platforms don’t play well with others, Boulevard’s open APIs allow you to connect to your other tools and systems, so your data flows in and out of Boulevard seamlessly. Plus, you can build new custom workflows to simplify tasks and grow with ease. Available for Enterprise tier only.

Automated tasks that don’t skimp on autonomy

Boulevard offers powerful open APIs for maximum flexibility. Have something specific you’d like to build? Use Boulevard’s developer portal to build your own apps and integrations in Boulevard.

Elevate your 
on-brand booking experience

Customize your client’s self-booking experience to match your brand’s specific aesthetic and needs. Whether it’s customizing the service orders, bookable times, or how a client purchases a gift card, Boulevard’s Client API and credit card Tokenization API, let you tailor your booking experience to your needs.

Deeper insights into every client

Access and sync all of your data, including preferences, past appointments, payment details, and more, to any other system. Want to transfer each day’s appointment data to your EMR or sync staff member data? Boulevard’s Admin API has you covered.

Powerful reporting to see the 
full picture

Whether you’re doing financial planning or creating a sophisticated business intelligence dashboard, Boulevard’s Recurring Report Export API lets you export specified data into your platform of choice — making it easy to centralize data across all your systems and understand more about the metrics that matter most to your business.

Life’s better when things work together

We’re not experts on everything. Instead of aiming to be a jack of all trades, we prefer to be the best when it comes to the client experience. That’s why we let you sync with the best of the best, boosting the power of Boulevard with integrations. We even offer developer support to use our APIs to their fullest potential. Consider us an expert at working with other experts.

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“Going from a system we had to work around to now a system that works around us...it’s been great!”