Data Migration

Start fresh, clean and confident

From migrating appointments and contact lists to rebuilding sales data, most platforms leave you on your own with a big mess and a bigger bill. Boulevard is by your side from day one to give you a fresh, productive start. Unlike the competition, we’ll always be transparent about migration costs. And with our deep industry expertise, we’ll help you decide what to migrate and what to archive.

A team you can trust

We take peace of mind personally. Your dedicated Onboarding Specialist will partner with you to plan the dates and details, giving you peace of mind as we safely and securely migrate your data. And if you have any questions along the way, we’ll be there to help.

There’s no time for downtime

Bills don’t stop when you switch software, so why should your business? Boulevard’s migration happens behind the scenes without a single minute of downtime.

Need more? No problem.

Migrations are rarely one-size-fits-all. While we offer a standard migration for most mainstream software, we can also customize to fit your specific needs. Have multiple systems or an old desktop platform? Let our team do the digital gymnastics and get you your data. And, of course, there’s no charge for data you export on your own, so feel free to BYOD!

Skip the stress of moving memberships

There’s no need to bother your clients to refresh their payment info. As a Level 1 PCI-Compliant platform, Boulevard can migrate stored credit cards, memberships, and subscriptions while maintaining rigorous security standards. We’ll help you align billing dates and terms so you can pick up right where you left off. * Some competing systems make it difficult to move memberships, so check with your Onboarding Specialist to see what we can do.

Our data portability pledge

Some of our competitors will lock their file exports, create unreadable files, or otherwise hold your data hostage if you decide to leave. Boulevard will never stoop to that level. Upon request, we’ll provide an easily transferable download of all your appointments, client lists, notes, product and service sales. Your data is your data, end of story. *We can only give CCs to Level 1 PCI-compliant businesses

Downtime required for data migration

Average response time from Boulevard Support

Saved in admin time per month

*vs legacy platforms in high-volume businesses

Lemon Tree Spa

“This has been the best experience in switching POS software ever. Usually, switching can be a nightmare dealing with staffing, clients, everything. But the support has been nothing but fantastic.”

- Staff

Fox + Stone

“Everything about the migration was so smooth. I was surprised by how easy it was!"

- Staff

Sit Still Kids Salon

“Out of the five systems I’ve used over the past decade, I’ve never seen an onboarding process be so streamlined or had a support team be so committed to our success from day one."

- Staff