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Simplify and streamline your email marketing with beautiful, on-brand email campaigns designed to boost bookings and enhance revenue.

One-Time Blasts

Deepen client relationships. Build your brand. 

Stand out in your clients' inbox with personalized emails featuring your brand and messaging. Our pre-built templates make it easy for you to create and send professionally designed emails that look great on any device — perfect for newsletters, important announcements, promotions, and more!

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Automated Campaigns

Unlock hidden revenue with the flip of a switch.

Let us take the guesswork out of marketing automation and do the heavy lifting for you. Simply choose your campaign goal, add your brand elements, and our intelligent algorithms will automatically filter clients and send emails on your behalf. It's oh-so easy and oh-so rewarding.

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Rescue Lost Clients

Win them back with a reminder they’re missed

Reminder To Book

Send a friendly reminder to clients who don’t have an upcoming appointment

Fill Slow Days

Promote slow days to help keep schedules stacked

Last Minute Opening

Give clients first dibs when your calendar has a last minute opening

Birthday Message

Send best wishes or a special offer to help them celebrate you

Marketing Suite ROI Calculator

Increase in Monthly Revenue

# of Appointments Increased / Month

Monthly Cost

Results of our ROI calculator are an estimate based on the average ROI experienced by our customers with a similar business type and size. Actual results may differ based on a number of factors, including markets, client base, and geography. Results are not guaranteed.

Turn visitors into lifelong clients with beautiful, on-brand emails

Add your personal touch

Your brand is unique. Your emails should be too. Use our pre-built professional templates and easy-to-use editor to craft beautiful, personalized emails that fit your business and brand aesthetic.

Drip campaigns, but simple

Let our algorithms filter clients and automate send times for you. We’ll only send emails to the clients who are most likely to act, helping ensure you’re never over-emailing or under-booked.

Track your results

Go beyond basic email metrics. Robust reporting shows you which campaigns are driving bookings and revenue, so you can track results and view your ROI.

We built it so you can own it

We understand that developing a successful email marketing strategy can be a full-time job in itself. It’s tedious, stressful, and takes time away from running your business. That’s why we’ve de-mystified the process and made it simple for you to start using email marketing to build your brand, increase client retention, and enhance revenue.

Fellow Barber

“I’m using Boulevard on a regular basis. I write all of our purchase orders through Boulevard. I’m booking appointments and sending emails. We’re constantly looking back at client profiles. It’s significant because our small team wears many hats, and Boulevard makes every step much easier. Every step is intuitive and useful, even if you have more experience as a barber than a marketer. Boulevard really does do it all!”

-  Mindy Dulberg, 
Director of Retail & Consumer Experience

Meet the Marketing Suite

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