Meet your new Marketing BFF

Streamline and simplify your email marketing strategy with beautifully branded email campaigns at your fingertips.

Keep your clients engaged, boost bookings, and drive retention with customizable campaigns carefully crafted to suit the needs of your business. However you prefer to stay in touch with your clients and keep them coming back for more—we’ve got you covered.

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One-Time Blasts

Connect with clients and build better relationships.

Stand out in your clients' inbox by customizing the design, target audience, and scheduling of your email campaign with our user-friendly, build-it-yourself option—perfect for newsletters, important announcements, promotions, and more!

First 500 emails per month per location are on us. Only $0.01 per email sent after that.


Automated Campaigns

Unlock hidden revenue with the flip of a switch.

We take the guesswork out of marketing automation and do the heavy lifting for you. Simply choose your campaign goal, add your branding, and our intelligent algorithms will nudge clients to come back. It's oh-so easy and oh-so rewarding.

Only pay when your automated email campaigns lead to an appointment. ($2 per appointment booked within 7 days of the automated email send date. You will only be charged after the appointment is completed.)

3.2 Automated Campaign Types Image
1 Rescue Lost Clients

Rescue lost clients

Win them back with a reminder that they're missed.

2 Reminder to Book

Reminder to book

Send a friendly reminder to clients who don't have a future appointment on the calendar.

3 Fill Slow Days

Fill slow days

Promote days where your calendar has open appointments to keep schedules stacked.

4 Last Minute Opening

Last minute opening

Give clients first dibs when your calendar has a last minute opening.

5 Birthday Message

Birthday message

Send birthday wishes to clients so they book an appointment for their special day.

Share important announcements, news, promotions, 
and more.

1 Set it and forget it

Set it & forget it

Our intelligent algorithms make sure the right clients are getting the right message at the right time. Simply let it run, and watch the magic happen.

2 Add your personal touch

Add your personal touch

Your brand is unique. Your emails should be too. Generic, outdated emails have no place here—use our robust template editor to craft beautiful, personalized email content fit for your business.

3 All glam, no spam

All glam, no spam

Hate spam? Us too. Rest assured we’ll never send your clients too many emails. Our built-in spam safeguards ensure you’re always charming, never spamming.

Know Your Worth Icon

Track your results

Go beyond basic email metrics. Our robust marketing effectiveness reporting will show you exactly which campaigns are driving bookings and revenue, so you can track the results of your marketing efforts.

Built by us. Owned by you.

Boulevard Marketing Suite was carefully crafted by Boulevard just for YOU—with the needs of appointment-based, self-care businesses like yours in mind. We understand that developing a successful email marketing strategy is a full-time job in itself. It’s tedious, stressful, and takes time away from running your business. So, we’ve de-mystified email marketing and made it simple and straightforward to engage clients, increase retention, and ultimately drive revenue.