Boulevard Capital

Flexible funding that lifts your business

Boulevard is made up of self-care industry professionals, not bankers. That’s why we understand your business better than any bank ever will — because we are you.

We developed Boulevard Capital to help you reinvest and unapologetically chase your dreams without the headache of traditional lending. Cut out the complicated application process and focus your energy on progress.

Fast, flexible funding on your schedule

Forget the paperwork and weeks (or months) of waiting. Boulevard delivers pre-qualified offers directly to your inbox based on your sales history. There are no credit checks — ever. You can accept as much, or as little, as you’d like whenever the time is right.

A new style of finance

No interest or late fees — just a simple capital fee added to your balance and paid over time. Pay for your advance automatically through a percentage of your daily sales, so you can get ahead on your strong days and keep steady on the slower ones.

Fairness for all

We’re fortunate to be part of the most diverse industry. But too often, prejudiced lending practices have held back female and minority-owned businesses from receiving the working capital they need to grow.
With our focus on business performance instead of credit history, Boulevard makes capital more accessible to the businesses we love.

How it works

Choose an amount
 that works for you

Get a pre-qualified offer sent right to your email based on your Boulevard sales data, and accept as much or as little as you need within your offer amount.

Verify your information

Share your business and ownership information with our partner, Pipe. Don’t worry — we still won’t check your credit!

Receive your funds, fast

Receive your funds directly in your bank account in as little as 24 hours, based on your bank’s deposit hold policies.

Pay as you get paid

Payments are made daily after your deposit hits.

Already using Boulevard?

Check out our support article for Boulevard Capital here.


No, Boulevard Capital is a merchant capital advance program powered by Pipe that provides funding based on your sales history and business performance over time. Unlike a loan, there is no interest or late fees. Additionally, no personal collateral is required, and there are no personal guarantees, warrants, or covenants, when you accept.

Use your Boulevard Capital advance to take your business to the next level. Examples include increasing headcount, expanded marketing, renovations, new products and equipment, adding a new location, and so much more.

Unlike traditional loans, Boulevard Capital uses your existing sales data in Boulevard, without a credit check, to provide a pre-qualified offer tailored for your business. No more stressful bank visits, paperwork, or long waits.

Once you apply and accept your offer, payments are automatically calculated and collected as a percentage of your daily sales. And, most notably, there are no interest or late fees — just a fixed capital fee added to your balance and paid over time. This is business funding as it should be.

Offers and eligibility are based on your sales and business performance while using Boulevard Payments. Please note that to be considered for a pre-qualified offer, your business must have at least 4 months of payment processing history with Boulevard.

No! There are absolutely no credit checks or inquiries whatsoever. Boulevard Capital is built to make funding more accessible to minority-owned businesses, meaning we don’t get involved with the traditionally discriminatory lending practices leveraging credit history. Offers are based solely on your business performance over time.

Pipe Technologies Inc. is the capital provider for the Boulevard Capital program and is servicing the advance on our behalf.

Boulevard Capital doesn’t work like a loan. Whereas traditional loans have interest that compounds, funding through Boulevard Capital only has a fixed capital fee that’s added to the total balance and paid over time. There’s no interest and no additional fees of any kind, including late fees.

Payments are calculated as a percentage of your daily sales and are automatically withdrawn from your linked bank account on a daily basis.

Boulevard Capital is an invitation-only program at this time and requires a pre-qualified offer.

Based on your revenue history, processed through Boulevard, you may be eligible for a pre-qualified offer. If you’re eligible, you’ll receive your offer via email and can simply click the secure link within the email to accept and apply. 

If you haven’t received an offer yet, just keep processing payments with Boulevard and keep an eye on this page for future updates (you may not have enough transaction history yet).

Pipe Technologies Inc. is the capital provider for Boulevard Capital. Boulevard is a referral partner of Pipe Technologies Inc., but is not otherwise affiliated with Pipe Technologies Inc. or its products.

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