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Busy days require a hardworking calendar

Boulevard’s Precision Scheduling™ technology handles the math in the background, making it easy for your team to easily navigate schedules each day

Scheduling Hero

Precision Scheduling™ is the handsfree way to optimize your day

Let the system take care of your schedule for you. Precision Scheduling™ automatically reduces downtime and promotes clustered appointments for fewer gaps, higher productivity, and more quality time with clients.

  • Transition times can be added between appointments to prep for the next client
  • Processing time gives your staff a chance to be double-booked for appointments during client downtime
  • Finishing time is automatically accounted for to make double-booking a breeze

Every appointment stage. One screen.

Start the day with a full view of who’s coming in. Click appointment cards for quick client details and use simple drag-and-drop to take them from unconfirmed to completed.

  • Select to view all staff or specific members
  • Review and manage the waitlist before the day starts
  • Search by client name to quickly schedule a new appointment

Customizable calendar

Fully customize your view with color-coding, review scheduled staff and resources, check all vs. best appointment times, add personal or business blocks, manage the waitlist, click into client profiles, and more