Boulevard Features | Client Experience Platform

Why Boulevard’s Client Experience Platform?

Think bigger. Build your dream business with an easy-to-use platform purpose-built for you — and a support team that responds in minutes, not days.

ROI Spotlight

Oh the possibilities. View your potential earnings and ROI with Boulevard.

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Deliver Exceptional Client Experiences


Set the tone with fast, seamless self-booking for your website and social media.

beautify my bookings

Client Management

Personalize visits and build relationships that keep clients coming back with Client Profiles. 

connect with clients


Go paperless and save time with customizable digital forms and waivers.

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Payment Processing

Deliver a silky-smooth, ultra-fast checkout and tipping experience your clients will love.

streamline payments

Duo Hardware

Sleek, elegant design meets modern, contactless payment processing.

Do more with Duo

Build Your Beauty Empire


Wake up to your dream schedule everyday and eliminate appointment gaps.

organize my calendar

Professional App

Empower your staff to do more of what they do best and get more quality client time.

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Take client communication to the next level with two-way texting built into your platform.

Start a convo


Plan your next move and reach your growth goals faster with custom reports that matter most to you.

rethink reporting

Loyalty Programs & Offers

Increase client retention with brand-specific loyalty programs and special offers.

lean into loyalty

Memberships & Packages

Get everything you need to create, track, and charge for memberships and packages.

It’s a package deal


Automate your email campaigns, build your brand, and find new ways to drive revenue.

level up MY marketing


Keep more of what you make by sharing the cost of credit card processing fees with your clients.

Lift your profits


Unapologetically chase your business goals with fair, flexible growth capital.


Best-in-Class Support

Customer Support

We’ll never leave you hanging – our support team responds in minutes, not days.

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Data Migration

Simplify the switch with your dedicated Onboarding Specialist (and new BFF) from day one.

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Data Security

Your peace of mind is priceless – and your client data is 100% safe and secure.

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Our fast, flexible, and user-friendly APIs ensure all your systems are working in harmony.

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Streamline workflows, automate tasks, and connect your tools and teams.

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