Memberships & Packages

Build brand loyalty with memberships & packages

Drive recurring revenue and improve client retention with monthly or annual auto-renewing memberships and custom service packages. Clients can purchase while self-booking online or when checking out in person.

Your ticket to more upsells

Make it simple for your staff to upsell memberships or packages to clients — they can add vouchers to checkout with just one click. Want packages to expire on a certain date? No problem. You’re in complete control.

Automate renewals or pause benefits for later

Don’t worry about tracking down your clients for payment. All pre-paid memberships will renew automatically based on the terms you set. You can also pause memberships for seasonal clients or to accommodate special client needs. 

Track memberships across one or all locations

Whether you have one location or twenty, we make it simple for you to track membership reconciliations and packages with our powerful reporting and centralized Memberships dashboard. Need to update payment info? Quickly make any changes you need directly in client profiles.

Client perks keep you top-of-mind

Ensure memberships remain top-of-mind for clients with membership billing alerts. Automated emails remind clients to update their billing info in our secure client portal, plus flags appear on client profiles and individual appointments to inform your staff that a client needs to update their info.

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