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Analyze performance with the most powerful reporting

Analyze your performance with the most powerful reporting feature out there. Customizable templates give you full control while helping you understand your business performance so you can make data-driven decisions.

Reporting Hero

Drill down on your data

Want more visibility? We’ve got you. Dive deeper into the numbers with granular drill downs to help understand how they’re generated.

Folders keep everything organized

Never get lost in the clutter. Save your reports by the categories that make sense to you — by location, role, or personal reporting — so everything’s easy to find.

Export and share 
over email

It’s your data — do with it what you want. Download your data to analyze later, or share a report via email for specific team members to review.

Customize templates any way you want

Reports are no longer one-size-fits-all. Build unique reports using predefined templates that provide the performance data you need.

Filter and sort to see what you need

No more spending hours in Excel. Easily include or exclude specific data, or sort a report so it’s easier to understand.