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The Right Spa Point of Sale System Puts Money in the Bank - Here's How

Investing in the right POS for your spa business will help you delight clients and support your staff at the same time.

Running a spa is complex, from providing services to curating a retail product selection and staff management to accounting concerns. That’s why your spa point of sale software is so important — selecting the right POS solution can make every element of your spa business run more smoothly. You’re in the beauty industry, not the tech business, but getting the right tech in place can help you focus on what you do best. Return valuable time to your staff, provide delightful client experiences, and grow your spa business with a POS system that covers these bases.

How can your spa point of sale put money in the bank?

The point of sale is the last stop on clients’ journey through a spa, but when it comes to your business’ financial success it’s a make or break moment. Here are four ways your spa point of sale system helps you put money in the bank.

Let your staff get back to business

First and foremost, implementing a POS system that is intuitive and easy to use will make your team’s lives easier. When you’re running a spa business, the last thing you want to have to do is become a tech expert. When spa employees don’t have to spend time training to learn how to use a complex piece of technology, they can focus on doing what they do best: providing and supporting impeccable client services.

Even the owners and managers responsible for day-to-day operations benefit from implementing a powerful spa POS. Forget having to do mental math, struggling through clunky legacy systems, or serving as an on-the-spot IT team — instead, let your team rely on a point of sale that works seamlessly and beautifully with the tools you already use. 

That’s the case with Boulevard Duo, our modern, integrated point of sale that gets clients checked out quickly and efficiently so that spas can get back to business. By communicating directly with the Boulevard platform, Boulevard Duo gives your team one-stop shop access to everything from scheduling and appointments to payroll and accounting.

Give your customers a 360-degree experience

No matter what spa services or retail items you sell, the ultimate product most clients take away from your spa is a healing sensory experience. That journey starts when they book their appointment, and it doesn’t end until they complete their payment and walk out the door. In that sense, your spa POS seals the deal on a world-class experience — or undoes all the hard work your spa staff has put in.

That’s why it’s so important to have a spa point of sale that delights customers as much as it does your staff. If the payment experience is awkward or frustrating, that’s the final memory clients will take away from your spa. Make that final interaction pleasant and easy, and your customers will leave your spa with that cloud 9 feeling intact. 

Boulevard Duo makes it easy to customize the POS interface with your own spa branding, a discreet tipping section, and even flexible payment options, so both your team and your clients get everything they need out of that final interaction. It also integrates directly with the Boulevard platform’s client management features, so you can access everything you need to know about a client in the same system regardless of whether they’re scheduling an appointment, checking in for a service, or completing a payment.

Track your progress, build on your success

Another important feature of a powerful spa POS is access to real-time dashboards and reporting capabilities. All your payment processing and transaction data, back-office bookkeeping, and operational accounting should be accessible and clearly displayed through visual dashboards. The ability to check on progress at a glance gives spa owners and managers the levers they need to be able to take successes further and rectify mistakes or losses whenever possible. 

If your team is looking for more advanced features, keep an eye out for reporting functionality that will let you analyze how employees are performing, how products are selling, and what keeps your most loyal customers coming back for more.

Streamline and secure your transactions

At the end of the day, the primary function of a spa POS system is to collect payments. Make sure that the solution you implement makes that process as secure and straightforward as possible. Even if you only need the most basic payment collection features, most modern spa businesses need to be able to process debit and credit card transactions. That can’t be an afterthought — it’s absolutely critical for businesses that collect and handle clients’ payment information to install robust security measures.

Boulevard Duo also helps spas skip the hassle of chargeback issues by protecting against fraudulent transactions like counterfeit and stolen cards. In addition to Boulevard Duo, our spa POS offering is also bolstered by our status as a certified PayFac, or payment facilitator. That gives your spa access to highly secure credit card transactions backed by a custom-built fintech system of onboarding, underwriting, and tokenization features, among others.

We created Boulevard Duo to give our salon and spa partners hardware as beautiful and powerful as the software they rely on us for. Take the headache out of spa management with a point of sale that does it all — contact us today to learn more about our Spa Software.

Boulevard was built to help your business achieve profitability at scale without losing an inch of sanity. See for yourself! Get a free demo today.

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