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3 Salon Offers To Give New Clients

How do you grow your client base without diminishing service value or giving away the salon? Start every new client off with an offer they can’t refuse and an experience they won’t forget.

I’m a sucker for a good offer, and chances are, you are too. Honey, the popular browser extension that was acquired by PayPal last year for four billion dollars, saved its 17 million users over two billion dollars last year. Net net: Everyone likes to save a few dollars, and when you can make it easy to do, everyone wins. Level up your new customer acquisition by having your front desk add these new customer offers into your marketing mix today to grow your happy and loyal client base.


Offer #1 : The Social Builder

Whether your salon is temporarily closed, just reopening, or it’s (mostly) business as usual, now is always the right time to build your social media audience. For prospective clients, social media is still one of the most effective proof points when it comes to considering a new hair salon. The psychology behind reciprocity marketing: to get a desired behavior from a consumer, selflessly giving something first will trigger a reciprocity response. For open salons, offering a “Welcome” promo code that gives a nominal discount for every new follower on Instagram or Facebook can quickly grow your business presence on these platforms. For those who are closed, consider offering a richer promotional offer on a gift card that the new follower can use once you’re able to reopen. This is a triple win: not only helps to build your audience and acquire new clients, but it also front loads a bit of revenue to help smooth over the shutdown slump.

Offer #2: For Members-Only

To say that 2020 has brought disruption into the salon world would be a gross understatement. Our entire community is thinking about ways to stay afloat during closure, as well as smart reopening planning, and aggressive growth marketing to regain lost ground. One undeniably effective tactic for growing revenue is selling salon memberships. If you can turn your new customers into members on the first visit, playing catchup becomes exponentially easier. Being able to forecast recurring revenue, supply purchasing, client volume, (not to mention lower stress levels for you and your staff when you know there is guaranteed business coming through the door each month). Kick start this effort with a New Members offer to grow your clientele, stabilize the business, and create the best possible experience for those new clients. Chances are they've been cooped up for months, so if you can create a real moment of care you can win a customer for life.

Offer #3: The Happy Hour

Okay so you might not be able to offer a cocktail at your salon right now, but you can certainly offer up a "Salon Happy Hour." Historically, salons have downtime on Tuesday afternoons, but in this new world order, schedule gaps can shift around—happy hours empower you to optimize your schedule. Why not offer special pricing during a slow period, push it out on social media for your existing clients to tell their friends? Not only will you fill some of the slower time slots, but you'll also bring in word-of-mouth traffic and help build your local community.

What offers do you like to give new clients? Share your creative marketing ideas with us on Instagram or Facebook, or drop us a line at blog@blvd.co.

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