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Glow Up For Gen Z with These 4 TikTok Hair Trends

From the wolf cut to the modern bob, learn all about the latest viral hairstyles

Once upon a time, magazines like Seventeen set the trends. Readers would scour the publication’s glossy pages, looking for the latest hairstyles to take to their favorite salon. But in the days of Gen Z, cool is created on online platforms like TikTok.

If you could use a refresher on the styles your younger clientele are likely to be clamoring for, then read on. This article will ensure you can see eye-to-eye with Gen Z clients when they're in the chair.

Discover the secrets of the wolf cut

Donned by the likes of pop sensation Billie Eilish, the wolf cut is a contemporary take on the classic mullet. With a compact front, longer back, and soft and spiky textures all around, this trending do screams rocker with a heart of gold. 

The hashtag has hundreds of millions of views on TikTok, with popular examples of the style translated across every hair type. This means that stylists need to familiarize themselves with how the wolf cut looks best on everything from tight curls to straight strands. While some have decided the DIY approach is for them, be ready for the legion who prefer to work with a pro.

A look so timeless, your grandma rocked it at one point

Curtain bangs are another modern reimagining of an old-school style. Harkening back to the era of bell-bottoms and disco balls, the cut features a long gentle, wavy back punctuated by curvy and luxurious bangs in the front. Introduced by Hollywood starlets such as Farrah Faucett and Goldie Hawn, the retro style has found new fans among today’s celebrities. And the hashtag has accumulated enough content to seemingly sustain years of scrolling.

Like the wolf cut, part of the reason for the style’s popularity is its versatility. As expert stylist Clariss Rubenstein explains, “Curtain bangs for everyone! I love this trend; it’s so soft and feminine….You can play with the length a bit so they can flatter any face shape.”

Find the unique Cruella inside everyone

This wilder style was born from Emma Stone’s recent origins film on the titular character. The Cruella is a bold look that divides the client’s locks into two high contrast colors — most often the stark mix embraced by the pale fashionista herself. That said, many are putting their spin on the do, adding understated infusions of pinks, purples, greens, and more. 

According to LA stylist Aura Friedman, finding the right color combination all comes down to skin tone: “Have fun with color, but aim to pick shades that will complement your tone. It’s important to show your colorist a picture of the look and shades so you can be specific about what you like and how you envision it.”

Craft a classic bob (with dash of sass)

Spotted a pattern yet? Yup, the new bob boom is just one more example of how TikTok has revisited an old style with fresh eyes. According to the experts, a key differentiator in this generation’s version is its use of blunt bangs. Industry icon Sally Hershberger breaks it down: “Adding in some blunt bangs can completely transform the choppy bob. Blunt bangs turn this classic style into one that’s super fashion-forward and trendy.” So while the bob is truly a hairstyle for all seasons, you can inject some vitality into the cut by creating a little drama in the front.

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