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The Hair Color Revolution Is Coming to a Salon Near You

Covering up grays is old news — today’s clients want hair in every color of the rainbow.

Hair color services have always been an essential part of any salon’s business. Sure, consumers could buy box dye from the supermarket or even specialty beauty stores, but DIY hair color couldn’t match the quality of ingredients and services found at the local salon. For years, this market was geared towards “natural” colors, and covering stubborn grays was the focal point for the hair color industry. Those who wanted a more extreme look had limited choices and had to visit alternative stores to find neon hair colors of varying quality.

Thankfully for fans of vibrant hair color, those days are over. Professional-quality brands like Pravana have made vivid colors and training available to salons, while disruptors like oVertone and XMondo are taking over the home hair color market. Hot pink, pastel violet, neon yellow, mermaidy teal — these unusual hair colors aren’t just for punks anymore. To keep up, modern salons need to be able to offer a wide range of color services using every color of the rainbow (and then some!). Here’s how your salon can meet the demand and stay on trend.

The business case for colorful hair

It’s no secret that 2020 was a tough year for salon owners. The COVID-19 pandemic prevented clients from getting their regular hair care services, while at-home hair color products experienced a surge in sales. One brand that fared especially well was oVertone, whose line-up of semi-permanent coloring conditioners is available in almost every hue imaginable, from pastel to extreme. Thanks to brands like oVertone, it’s easier than ever for consumers to achieve imaginative hair color combos in their own homes without destroying their hair.

Meanwhile, the hair color market is poised for huge growth in the next few years. Between 2021 and 2025, the market could grow by $13.75B — and a big piece of that pie will be gobbled up by salons that stay ahead of trends and are able to provide clients with a wide range of color services. With clients finally feeling confident enough to return to salons for in-person treatments, now is the perfect time to expand your hair colors beyond basic browns, reds, and blondes.

The revolution will be ’grammed

Of course, expanding the range of hair colors available at your salon isn’t as simple as buying some new products and calling it a day. Vibrant hair requires skillful application, so your stylists may need additional training in order to pull off those Instagram-worthy unicorn locks. Here are some other ways to prepare for the incoming hair color revolution:

  • Know your trends. Some clients might want to dive right in with overall color, but others might want to dip a toe in the rainbow waters with a bright money piece. Ombré, color melts, highlights — be prepared to offer a range of different techniques, because when it comes to vibrant hair colors, anything goes.

  • Set expectations. In order to achieve that bright look, most hair will have to be lightened first. That means more time in the chair for clients, as well as more expensive services. Make sure clients understand exactly what it takes to get their desired color(s) and that they’re prepared for both the cost and time it will take. It might take multiple sessions to go from black to silver, for example.

  • Consider different pricing structures. Bleaching, toning, and coloring can take hours, and salon owners struggle with pricing these services appropriately. Consider charging by the hour instead of per service, or bundle services together to make the pricing structure easier for clients to understand.

  • Keep them comfortable in the chair. Getting your hair done can be relaxing or a chore, and the difference is often determined by a salon’s hospitality. If you know a client is going to be there for a while throughout the stages of bleaching and coloring, make sure they’re comfortable. Reading materials and bottled water go a long way!

  • Sell the benefits of stylist expertise over DIY. No one ever turned their bathroom floor blue by going to a salon. Bleaching is complicated and potentially dangerous, and dyes are messy. Make sure your clients know why they should choose you over a cost-effective tub of magenta coloring conditioner.

  • Show off! Vibrant hair colors are made to be seen. Make sure you’re posting completed looks to your company’s social media pages, particularly visual-focused sites like Instagram. Encourage clients to tag your salon in selfies. It’s time to let the world know that you’re the go-to destination for rainbow hair.

Embrace your inner unicorn

Classic hair colors and services aren’t going anywhere, but salons should make room for the rainbow hair revolution. It might take time, training, and even some trial and error, but with the right products and a killer strategy, you can establish your salon as a go-to destination for achieving those magical hair colors.

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