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It's National Hair Day! Here's Our Favorite Modern Hair Trends of 2021

Who had “mullet comeback” on their 2021 Bingo card?

Every day is a good day to celebrate hair, but October 1st is particularly special — it’s National Hair Day! First observed in 2017, this relatively new hair-focused holiday (created by haircare brand NuMe) is meant to highlight hair of all styles, lengths, and textures, as well as the care it takes to keep those styles looking fabulous and healthy.

For salons, staying on top of the latest hair craze is vital, and what better way to catch up than on National Hair Day? It’s time to take a journey through some of the biggest modern hair fads, so let’s see what’s trending!

Curtain bangs

Versatile, low-maintenance, and flirty, curtain bangs came back in a big way this year. Curtain bangs are a callback to styles from the 1960s and ‘70s (think Farrah Fawcett), and it’s easy to see why folks gravitate towards them. Because they’re parted down the middle and can blend in with the rest of your hair, they’re the perfect middle ground for those who can’t decide whether they want bangs or not. With curtain bangs, you can display them prominently on some days and let them fade into the background on others.

The big chop

Getting all of your hair chopped off can be a relief. It signifies a new beginning and feels like a literal weight off your shoulders, and who couldn’t use that after 2020? Women of color in particular are enjoying the freedom of the big chop, seeing it as a way to celebrate their natural hair — just check out Gabrielle Union’s cool new look for inspo.

Edgy mullets (yes, really)

The “business in the front, party in the back” short/long haircut was traditionally reserved for country music stars in the 80s and 90s — we’re looking at you, Billy Ray Cyrus. Decades later, Billy Ray’s daughter Miley is one of several young stars making mullets cool again. This time around, these haircuts are a lot more edgy; think less Billy Ray and more Bowie.

Curls for days

Put away the straightener! It’s time to embrace those natural curls, much like Viola Davis did on the 2021 Academy Awards red carpet. According to Edwards & Co founder Jaye Edwards, those with curly hair are “moving away from heat styling and learning how to define and manage their natural curls with a more organic approach.” We love to see it.

’90s middle part

Sorry, TikTok teens — Millennials and Gen X have been rocking the middle part longer than you’ve been conscious. Before side parts went into vogue in the aughts, middle parts were all the rage among men and women in the 90s — do Devon Sawa, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Hanson ring a bell? And because style trends are cyclical, middle parts have become a point of contention among Gen Z. Let your clients know that you don’t actually need to be a Zoomer to rock a middle part; according to stylist Julien Farel, it’s face shape that determines how hair should be parted.

You don’t need a special day as an excuse to celebrate hair, but it’s nice to have it! Whether you’re donning a shaggy mullet, a close crop, or (gasp!) still holding your side part, make sure you show your hair some love today — and do the same for your clients.

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