3 Resolutions Every Medspa Should Make

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3 Resolutions Every Medspa Should Make in the New Year

Make 2024 the year you take your business to the next level by getting a head start on your medspa growth plan

By the time November hits each year, it starts to feel like January 1st is just a blink away. Before we know it, it’ll be time to turn our calendars to a whole new page and kick off the year with dreams, goals, and of course, resolutions. This is our third year in a row providing owners with some advance inspo to make next year the best it can be. So before you tune in for the ball drop, these are the three resolutions medspa business owners and managers need to commit to in order to improve your business and empower your staff in 2024.

Build a better client experience

Incredible medspa experiences begin with your ability to know exactly who’s coming in the door. You want to cater to your clients with friendly, welcoming precision, so you need to be able to keep notes about who they are, what they like, and what’s important to them all in one easy-to-access place. Encourage your staff to jot down notes so that no matter who on your team is interacting with the client, they’ll always be up to date and ready to deliver an exceptional and personalized experience.

At a minimum, profiles should include personal details like date of birth, preferred pronouns, and medspa services that interest the client. But 2024 is the year to take the client experience one step further by combining client profiles with another key part of smooth medspa operations: treatment charts. Boulevard’s advanced charting feature makes it easy to transfer images into the platform, mark up treatment areas and injection sites, compare before and after photos, and more, all while staying in compliance with EMR rules and HIPAA regulations

Having a single source of information is the best way to design memorable and personal client experiences. Set up your team with the details they need to guide your clients along their medspa journey, from booking appointments and checking in to designing treatment plans and scheduling follow-ups. Your employees will have an easier time excelling, and your clients will feel pampered, prepped, and supported every step of the way.

Do more with your data

To take your business where it’s never been before, you need to start by understanding where you are right now. The best way to do that is by developing an in-depth understanding of how your medspa operates day to day, month to month, and year to year. Many businesses have huge amounts of data coming in all the time, but that won’t do any good if you don’t have the right tools in place to make sense of those facts and figures. 

Don’t just let your data sit there this year. Get a grasp on what it really means by running custom reports designed to surface the insights that your business values most. Every brand or company will naturally have its own set of unique questions; whether you’re planning the year’s inventory, building sales projections, or preparing for seasonal upswings and slow periods to come in 2024, make sure you’re crunching the numbers and tracking the metrics that matter to you. 

Take email marketing seriously

To email or not to email? Social media has definitely dominated marketing and advertising in 2023, and that trend is sure to continue throughout 2024. But the popularity of social media marketing is no reason to sleep on email campaigns. Take a diversified approach in the new year and save some of your best offers and most exciting news for direct delivery to your clients’ inboxes. 

Instead of (only) shouting on Instagram and TikTok, use email marketing to send fully branded messages designed to connect with your clients. Whether you’re offering a special promotion to your VIP clients or launching a limited-time discount to bring one-time visitors back into your medspa, email campaigns are a great way to offer relevant information that’s specifically tailored for the recipient. Using the automated campaigns of Boulevard’s marketing suite makes this even easier. High ROI for low effort? Yes, please.

And if you’re not on the monthly mailing bandwagon yet, make January the first month of your medspa newsletter! Then you’ll start 2024 on track for a perfect record of 12 custom-branded and styled newsletters over the course of the year, keeping your medspa top of mind for your clients and connecting with them across even more touchpoints.

No matter what resolutions you set, getting a head start is half the battle. Spend the next few weeks laying the groundwork for your medspa’s success, and 2024 will be off to a great start even before you can count down to zero and shout “Happy New Year!”

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