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3 More Resolutions Every Beauty Biz Should Make (and Keep) in the New Year

Setting realistic goals earlier on will help you make 2023 your salon’s best year yet

It’s that time of the year again. After an…let’s go with interesting year, 2023 is upon us, and it’s time to make resolutions. Last year, we gave you three New Year’s resolutions to help overhaul your beauty biz. This year, we’re giving you three more. So, give yourself a pat on the back for how far you’ve come (if you don’t, we will because you’re def overlooking something), and get ready to take on the next twelve months.

Refresh your marketing

New year, new you (or so they say). You shouldn’t ditch your identity just because we’ve made another lap around the sun, but you should consider updating your salon’s marketing practices. It’s one of the easiest ways to connect with new and returning customers, either through a new channel or simply updating your messaging. Has your newsletter fallen off? Start a fresh in-store push to get people to sign up. Include offers and coupons so clients have more incentive to open your emails. Is your Insta losing followers? Now’s the time to give it a gorgeous overhaul.

Overhaul your onboarding

The beauty business is booming right now. If you’re seeing the effects for yourself, it might be time to expand. But before you start bringing on more employees, take a look at your onboarding process and ask yourself how it could be better. Odds are there are at least a few small things you can tweak to set your employees up for success. Try to focus on making them comfortable around other team members so they can build a better rapport. If you create a fun, energetic, and supportive environment, your customers will be more inclined to come back, and your employees will have a better time giving them the treatments they deserve.

Pick a theme

Do you have trouble sticking to goals? That’s okay, you aren’t alone. The vast majority of people abandon their resolutions by February. You shouldn’t let that discourage you, though! If you do find yourself slipping back into your habits, try to pick a theme for yourself instead of a single goal. Your theme should be broad enough that even small positives feel like progress. Let’s say your theme is “connections.” If you overhear a client talking about a movie they enjoyed, finding a way to (unobtrusively) chat with them about it would fit with your theme. Your little successes will add up, and you’ll have a better salon in no time.

If anything, the past few years have been a reminder to live your truth and stay true to you. The same goes for your business. If you want to be successful, be sincere in your marketing, onboarding, and client interactions. If you accomplish that, nothing can stop you. Happy New Year!

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