Boulevard Continues Rapid Emergence as Client Experience Platform of Choice for Medspas with Launch of Advanced Charting

  • New capability enables medspas to visually plan, track, and document client treatments

  • Now available as part of new Aesthetics Bundle that combines HIPAA compliance and medical-grade charting with company’s end-to-end client experience platform

  • Launch comes as Boulevard dramatically accelerates growth in medspa customers

LOS ANGELES – October 24, 2023 – Boulevard (, provider of the client experience platform purpose-built for appointment-based, self-care businesses, today announced the availability of advanced charting for medspas. This powerful new capability enables medspas to add detailed visuals to their client documentation and treatment notes. With advanced charting, medspas can capture or upload photos from a device gallery, mark up images to indicate injection sites and treatment points, and compare before and after shots to track client progress and guide follow-ups. Integrated directly into the simple and elegant workflows for which the Boulevard platform is known, advanced charting helps medspas create a more efficient treatment planning and review process, reduce the time and expense spent transferring information to a costly EMR, and ensure compliance requirements are met without impacting the client experience.

Advanced charting is available as part of the new Boulevard Aesthetics Bundle, which includes everything modern medspas need to deliver a client experience that is equal parts seamless, comprehensive, and compliant. In addition to encompassing everything from online booking and payment processing to text message and email marketing, the Aesthetics Bundle also includes the technical capabilities and hands-on training and support medspas need to help them stay HIPAA compliant even as their businesses grow.

These new enhancements come as Boulevard continues its rapid emergence as the client experience platform of choice for the medspa industry. The number of medspas using Boulevard’s platform has increased 640 percent in the past two years. The platform is now trusted by hundreds of medspas across the country to help deliver memorable client experiences, with Boulevard-powered medspas performing millions of treatments and services in the past 12 months.

Boulevard’s growth mirrors that of the broader medspa industry. According to a recent report by the American Med Spa Association (AmSpa), by 2025, an estimated 11,553 medical spas will exist in the U.S. and will account for a $23.2- to $26.7-billion-dollar industry. AmSpa data shows that the medspa industry has been roughly doubling in size every five years.

“As the medspa industry continues to flourish and competition continues to increase, providing an enjoyable client experience is now every bit as important as providing great treatments,” said Skya Jones, medspa education manager, Boulevard. “For medspas, this has historically meant having to constantly toggle between a legacy EMR system to ensure compliance and a legacy POS system to manage appointments. With advanced charting as part of the Boulevard Aesthetics Bundle, medspas finally have access to an elegant solution that blends all the elements of a seamless client experience with medical-grade documentation and thoughtful HIPAA compliance.”

A visually engaging client experience

Advanced charting not only helps medspa practitioners stay in compliance with all their documentation requirements but just as importantly, enables them to leverage their medical spa software to deliver a more personalized client experience. For Botox and other injection services, advanced charting enables practitioners to take photos of the injection site and chart which products were used and in which quantities. For laser-focused treatments, practitioners can use advanced charting to take detailed photos of the removal site and chart the settings used for each area. These enhanced visuals make it easier to talk with clients about how a given treatment works, discuss the results they’re hoping to achieve, and track progress in a way that’s visible and easy to understand.

Leveraging advanced charting with Boulevard also enables service providers to submit documentation directly to medical directors and other leaders for review. This new sign-off flow helps busy medical directors organize their forms and charts, add comments, signatures, and approvals, and send the form back to the service provider, all from within the Boulevard platform. This seamless process aligns with medical industry best practices and enables medical directors to better understand a client’s history, more closely monitor the quality and direction of their treatment program, and provide more insightful feedback to staff members.

Providing a HIPAA boost

As providers of noninvasive and minimally invasive services, most modern medspas operate under a medical license and are required to remain HIPAA compliant – and dedicate considerable time, attention, and resources to doing so. As part of its new Aesthetics Bundle, Boulevard takes an active role in providing the additional support, resources, and capabilities medspas need to get or stay HIPAA compliant without losing focus on the client experience.

“Far too often, technology providers in the self-care space operate as though HIPAA compliance is just another check box on a long list of features and that having a badge on your website means the job is done,” said Sean Stavropoulos, co-founder and CTO, Boulevard. “We take a different approach at Boulevard, one that combines tight security controls and customer education with an understanding that HIPAA compliance is a process of continuous improvement.”

Boulevard instructs medspas on how to use the platform in alignment with HIPAA standards, supports compliant configuration, and takes the lead on the most fundamental element of a medspa partnership: the Business Associate Agreement (BAA). In addition to HIPAA basics, the bundle includes field-level encryption of data whether in transit or at rest, advanced permissions to protect sensitive data, patient forms and charting audit logs, and IP restrictions to ensure staff only access PHI from authorized locations. Medspas can also consult directly with Boulevard’s HIPAA-trained support staff to stay on top of ever-changing requirements.

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