Scouting Ahead: Finding the Perfect Location for a Medspa Business

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Scouting Ahead: Finding the Perfect Location for a Medspa Business

Questions to ask and features to prioritize to find the right fit the first time

The medspa industry is experiencing explosive growth. Well-established businesses are expanding into new locations and ambitious new ventures are popping up in communities all across the US.

The demand for professionals who can use their medical expertise to make clients look and feel their best is still growing. But this rapid growth and intensifying competition mean it’s tougher than ever to find the ideal location to start or expand your own medspa business.

When the going gets tough, savvy medspa owners and entrepreneurs do their homework. You can still find the perfect retail spot to open a medspa business or expand if you know the right questions to ask and the most important features to prioritize.

3 questions to help choose the best medspa location

It’s tempting to jump right into your search for a medspa retail location. Believe us, we get the appeal of spotting a nice-looking spot in the listings, swiping through the photos, and letting your imagination run away with all the beautiful possibilities.

But before you get to that, it’s time to do some soul-searching. You can only find the best location for your business if you’re dialed in on what your business needs. Answering these three questions will help you get there.

1. Where is your target audience?

You know what your target audience looks like, and you’ve constructed a persona of your ideal client (don’t stress if you haven’t yet, just hop over to our medspa marketing guide and come back when you’re done). The most important job you have right now is figuring out where those people live, work, and play. When you know that, you’ll be able to start your search — and leaf through all those delicious listings — in an effective way for your business.

It can be easy to go “Census mode” and fixate on demographic details. But don’t forget the “work” and “play” parts too. Even if your location isn’t right next door, it’s easier to convince potential clients to head your way if they have other things to do nearby.

2. How large of a location do you need?

A medspa that’s focused mainly on injectable treatments will have very different floor space requirements from one that also offers high-tech touchless treatments. Take an in-depth look at the space needs of your business while also keeping an eye toward growth; outgrowing your space and trading up every 12-to-18 months is a great look for hermit crabs but not so much for medspas.

You don’t have to be precise, but some back-of-the-envelope math can help answer this question. For instance, a typical treatment room is roughly 90 to 120 square feet, but spaces that will also contain treatment machines (whether permanently or on a cart) may need to be larger to remain comfortable and practical.

3. What’s your budget?

The last question to ask before you start looking for medspa retail locations is all about your bottom line. Go back to your medical spa business plan — if you still need to make one, just hit that link, we’ll wait — and see what room your budget has for a retail lease.

OK, we made that crack about acting like a hermit crab before. But if you have to go a little small to make your budget work during those early days, all while keeping your eye on the prize for a bigger location sometime in the not-so-distant future? Sounds like it’s carcinization time, baby.

4 essential features for a medspa retail location

You’ve answered your questions. Now it’s finally time to crack open those retail listings and start jotting down candidates. While you should absolutely assess the vibes as you go, you should also have a few more specific requirements in mind. Here’s what to look for in each location you consider:

1. The perfect type of property

A secluded, standalone spot in a quiet part of town? A downtown storefront on Main Street? A corner location in a busy strip mall?

The type of property your medspa does business in will immediately tell prospective clients a lot about what they should expect inside. Make sure you pick one that lines up with your brand values. As you scope out locations, don’t forget to consider parking — not just plenty (the more the better!) but also how easy it is to get into and out of.  

2. Utilities to match your equipment

If you want your high-tech equipment to work well and function reliably for years, you need utilities that are up to the task. For instance, powerful motors and delicate laser arrays rely on a steady supply of electricity. Frequent power outages or brownouts aren’t just a source of frustrating work interruptions; they could also damage expensive equipment.

A good water supply can be just as important. Beyond its obvious role in hygiene and comfort, treatments that rely on water could be stymied by low water pressure, hard water that gums up equipment, or water with an unpleasant smell.

3. Ample accessibility

If you do business within the US, complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act is the law. But to make your medspa truly welcoming for clients of all kinds, you should look at the ADA as a starting point rather than the finish line.

 Think about how clients who use mobility aids can enter and move through your business, and think about how you can make your space a friendlier one for neurodivergent clients as well.

4. Permits and regulations

The time to start thinking about how to get the right permits for your medspa is now, before you’re paying rent on a location. Do your research on medical spa requirements and regulations for your local area and make sure the location you select will be able to meet them.

Different states and localities may have different requirements, so make sure you have up-to-date info for each region you’re considering.

Keep these three questions and four features in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect retail location for your medspa business. And yes, this does mean you can start daydreaming about how you’ll design and decorate it now.

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