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5 Salon Decorating Ideas to Make Your Shop Pop

Use these 5 salon decorating ideas to take your spot from hot mess to big yes.

Salon owners know the importance of creating a space that sends the right message to clientele. The wrong decor can leave customers feeling unimpressed, while the right decor could make the difference between them referring you to their friends or not. You want to craft a salon interior that both mirrors your personal aesthetic and makes your clients feel like they belong... but who has time to obsess over salon decorating ideas? Actually, it’s not as time-consuming as you might think. 

With some consideration about how you want to make your customers feel, you’ll be on track to create an inviting space they’ll love to visit. Here are five salon decorating ideas to get you started.

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Choose salon decorating ideas that fit your unique brand

Remember that whatever decor you choose should represent your salon’s vibe as well as your clientele’s comfort zone. A hip club feel might not resonate with say, suburban moms, and an older customer base might shy away from aggressive colors and funky furniture. If you’re new to the neighborhood, observe other area businesses to see how you might complement them.

1. Level up your reception area

The reception area is the first part of your customer’s salon experience. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your waiting area has likely transitioned outdoors, but a pleasurable front desk experience is enough to set the tone for the entire visit. Well-tended plants are an easy salon decorating idea that can produce a dramatic change in a space. In the age of social distancing, they can make your reception area feel vibrant and alive even with fewer people in the building. Flowery scents may overwhelm in smaller spaces, but potted trees are a safe bet that draws eye lines to different heights. Be sure to offer complimentary hand sanitizer near the entrance as this will help keep clients and stylists safe!

2. Make the most of mirrors

No matter how big or well-appointed your salon may be, there’s only one thing you can be certain your clients will see when they visit: the mirrors. Too many salons make the mistake of lining stations with mirrors that are merely functional, missing the opportunity to use them to add personality. If you want to create a quirky vibe, each mirror could have a different frame or shape. A quick trip to the thrift store can net you some large frames that you can upcycle to add visual interest to your mirror space. Or keep it sleek and modern with gleaming chrome mountings. For a more relaxed environment, encourage your aestheticians to post pictures of friends and family on their mirrors.

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3. Suit the color to the mood

When it comes to choosing the colors for your salon, don’t just go with your favorites. Take a moment to consider the emotions you want to stir in your clientele. Different colors evoke different feelings, and a hue that looks classy may be bringing your customers down. Warm colors like pink and orange are the way to go for happiness and optimism, says 99designs. Generally speaking, the brighter and lighter a color, the happier and more energized you’ll feel. But the best color for beauty? Purple, because it combines calming blue with intense red. Purple can also create the feeling of luxury and romance (just watch the tone, think more rich plums or deep violets, and less of a Crayola/Barney vibe). But all told, you can work just about any color into your salon decorating ideas, so long as you’re thoughtful about how.

4. Set up a selfie spot

Clients undergo transformations in your salon, so provide a place for them to chronicle their experience. A selfie space not only encourages customers to take a moment to feel great about themselves, but it also creates instant marketing material for your salon. A successful selfie wall doesn’t have to break your bank. Find a cool backdrop, invest in flattering lighting (or take advantage of natural lighting near the front of your salon), and clients will be eager to take advantage of the space. To really capture the drama, have a Before side and an After side. Use an easy decorating tool like Mixtiles to change up the background based on the season or local events. However you choose to decorate your Instagram-ready location, make sure the name of your salon is prominently displayed.

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5. Work with the salon furnishings you’ve got

Your salon space may have physical details that can’t be changed, like exposed ductwork or brick walls. If you can’t hide it, make it work for you! Those bricks can create visual interest as a selfie backdrop, and exposed beams contrast beautifully with huge, leafy plants. Even HVAC ducts can add to the aesthetic after they’ve met a bit of paint. Decorating is all about color, texture, and form. If you can’t change one, think about how you might get creative with the other two.

See through your customers’ eyes

A visit to a hair salon is a uniquely passive experience for your customers, as they’re forced to sit still for extended periods, sometimes in odd positions. Think about where their eyes are likely to wander during an appointment, and give them something pleasing to look at. You’ve probably not given any thought to the ceiling over your wash stations, for example, despite the fact that you have clients staring at it every single day. You don’t have to emulate the Sistine Chapel (but kudos to you if you do), but you should at least be thinking about the overall appearance. At a minimum, it should be clean, in good repair, and not shining a light directly in your client’s face.

Examine every part of your salon, from the front door to the storage closet. It’s all speaking to your clients, so make sure it’s saying only good things. Keep areas neat, clean, and purposeful. Even if you don’t have the budget right now to splurge on any salon decorating ideas, you can make sure the trash is empty and the lightbulbs all work. Take a look at your equipment and think about the message it's sending to clients. Walk through your space and make note of everything that could be better tomorrow, and then fix it. Your salon is a reflection of your brand, your staff, and ultimately, you. Your salon’s appearance tells an unspoken story to your clients. Make sure it's the story you want to tell.

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