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Look Spa, No Hands! High-Tech Touchless Treatments for the Modern Spa

Touch-free spa treatments have come a long way from buzzing massage chairs, and these are some of the most promising

As pandemic life continues, spa businesses don't need to leave behind clients who aren't comfortable with face-to-face sessions. Traditional spa treatments often call for the direct involvement of staff, but modern touchless alternatives offer solutions compelling enough that your whole clientele will want to give them a try.

Spa businesses looking for social distance-friendly, touch-free treatment options can find more options now than ever before. There are plenty to consider, but here's a list of seven popular treatments which will help you give all your clients a healthy, fulfilling experience with less anxiety.

Prism Light Pod

You may have heard of red-light therapy before, and perhaps even tried it out via one of the many handheld devices which purport to improve the appearance of skin. This kind of treatment is referred to as photobiomodulation, and controlled clinical studies have found it to be an effective method to rejuvenate the look and feel of skin, particularly in reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles and other signs of aging. It also feels nice! The Prism Light Pod applies this treatment to your entire body, all at once.

The Prism Light Pod uses a set of near-infrared LEDs that project red light extremely close to the skin for as much efficacy as possible. The end result is a product that looks and functions somewhat like a futuristic tanning bed, but clients can rest assured that a session inside won't leave them with stinging sunburns - quite the opposite. The Prism Light Pod offers a half-dozen automatically optimized irradiance settings, allowing clients to make the most of their time while minimizing contact.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid

Automated massage chairs have come a long way from those vibrating seats that malls and airports rent out by the minute. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid, a massage chair that looks more like an escape pod from a tastefully appointed UFO than anything you'd find outside a duty-free shop. The "hybrid" in the name comes from the fact that it combines an inversion stretch chair with an L-track of rollers, helping it simultaneously stretch out and soothe your entire body as part of one comprehensive session.

It's safe to say that nothing will ever replace the one-on-one care and attention of a well-trained massage therapist. However, clients who want to relax and be physically soothed without the proximity of a human practitioner will be pleasantly surprised by everything a modern massage chair such as the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid can do.

Gharieni Welnamis

The Gharieni Welnamis system is a great example of how high-tech touchless treatments can go beyond traditional methods while also seamlessly integrating with them. Its core is Quantum Harmonic audio therapy, which is built to shepherd the mind into certain states of brain wave activity. A combination of binaural sounds delivered via stereo headphones and synchronized sine waves delivered through the integrated spa table work together to produce feelings of deep meditation, alertness, and beyond, depending on the selected program.

Welnamis integrates with Gharieni's MLW Amphibia Neo table, allowing the program to be automatically carried out without the need for any attending staff. That said, it's also a fully functional spa table, which means you can combine Welnamis treatments with other more traditional work as desired by clients.

Celliss by Gharieni

Gharieni Celliss aims to safely achieve significant body reshaping with a clever new take on deep-tissue massage. Celliss looks like a chair studded by small cups along the seat and insides of the armrest, and those cups are the key to its treatment method. Each one alternates between mechanical percussion and aspiration, or in other words gently striking and applying suction to the skin. This process massages the skin and muscles, dislodging fat cells while improving circulation.

Gharieni says Celliss' "Total Slimming System" can produce resculpting effects of up to roughly 1.5" / 4 cm around the belly, hips, and thighs, with treatment plans ranging from a single session to ten or more. Each of these variables can be adjusted by staff in response to clients' unique needs, but after the program begins no further employee intervention is required. Its futuristic look is sure to be an attention grabber, and after that, the results should speak for themselves.

Single Vaultz from Art of Cryo

Usually we try to avoid being cold and alone, but when it comes to doing cryotherapy during a pandemic, it's pretty much ideal. A far cry from the huge, medical-looking chambers of yesteryear, the Single Vaultz V1 lux from Art of Cryo is purpose-built to be a sleek and effective way of giving clients full-body cryotherapy on demand. Numerous programs available via its built-in software make for a fast and simple way to provide deep relaxation, rapid recovery after intense exercise, and more.

The Single Vaultz V1 lux offers a futuristic corner cubicle design, complete with multiple cooling mechanisms, automatic dehumidification, and even music playback for an extra soothing experience. Once clients step inside, they'll be able to get all the care they need with no need for further direct contact from staff.

Zerobody Starpool

Sensory deprivation float pods are a one-of-a-kind experience, but they have some unique quirks that can make them a hard sell - even for folks who aren't as concerned about minimizing person-to-person exposure. The potential for claustrophobia and the sheer amount of time it takes to shower off, have a good float, then shower off again make them a tough sell for busy people. Zerobody Starpool literally separates you from these concerns with the help of a specially engineered membrane.

It's sort of like a water bed, but it's not for sleeping. Instead, the Starpool is engineered to make you feel as weightless as possible as you rest atop 400 liters of hot water. The device lets users capitalize on this sensory deprivation experience with a series of included mindfulness programs, including breathing techniques and relaxing music tracks. There's still something special about floating in an Epsom salt bath in total darkness, but this sounds a lot easier to fit into a busy workday.

Peloton Bike

A Peloton may be just right for your business if you want to give your spa visitors a way to work up a sweat before they soothe themselves back down. The spin cycle has become synonymous with home fitness in recent years, but it could fit just as well with the fitness aspect of your spa business.

By picking up a Peloton, you can put both its brand recognition and impressive suite of classes to work for you. And yes, they have commercial models and plans, so you won't have to worry about sharing your log-in details just so clients can always exercise with their favorite trainers. Beyond the social distancing benefits, it's also a simple and effective alternative to the hassle of setting up your own facilities and schedules for fitness classes.

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