Boulevard Study Shows Business Impact of Client Experience Platform on Medspas

  • New analysis reveals how medspas’ key performance metrics improve after one year using Boulevard platform

  • Improvements include 30% increase in revenue, 24% increase in service sales, 31% increase in retail sales, 36% increase in package sales, and 175% increase in membership sales

LOS ANGELES – October 31, 2023 – Boulevard (, provider of the client experience platform purpose-built for appointment-based, self-care businesses, today announced the findings of its first-ever medspa customer impact study. Based on real customer-generated data, the study reveals how medspas improved across numerous key performance metrics after just one year of using the Boulevard platform. According to the study, medspas using Boulevard average a 30% increase in revenue, a 24% increase in service sales, a 31% increase in retail sales, a 36% increase in package sales, and a 175% increase in membership sales.

Titled “Boulevard for Medspas: 12-Month Efficacy Study,” the report is derived from data generated by nearly 100 medspas across the country. Mirroring the typical journey of medspa clients, the study assesses business performance across multiple KPIs, including online booking rate, no-show percentage, service sales, retail sales, package sales, membership sales, and total revenue.

“Boulevard’s new study confirms that the right medspa software has a direct impact on all aspects of your business,” said Skya Jones, medspa education manager, Boulevard. “Boulevard’s platform is impactful because no part of the client experience is left unattended. From the moment a prospective client finds your medspa online to the moment they walk out the door after treatment, Boulevard helps practitioners deliver the kind of seamless experience that turns first-time clients into loyal ones.”

More online booking, fewer no-shows

Delivering an end-to-end client experience begins with online booking that is both simple and elegant. Its impact doesn’t end there, however. Not only is online booking the launching point of the client experience, but it also plays an outsized role in driving long-term client retention. Robust online booking is thus core to the success of the modern medspa.

According to Boulevard’s new efficacy study, medspas using the company’s client experience platform improved their online booking rate by an average of 28% in the first year. With features such as Precision Scheduling™, a proprietary appointment-stacking technology that reduces costly and unnecessary downtime, Boulevard makes online booking fast and seamless. Self-booking with Boulevard is completely customizable and optimized for both mobile and desktop.

While getting appointments booked is the first step, completing them is a separate but equally important hurdle for medspas. With features such as automated appointment reminders, Boulevard helped reduce costly and frustrating no-shows by 14% on average.

Selling more of everything

For medspas, financial success is driven not just by the number of appointments completed but also by the number of services provided at each visit and the willingness of clients to invest in packages, memberships, retail, and other reliable streams of revenue. Boulevard’s new medspa software efficacy study demonstrates the platform’s considerable prowess at boosting all available revenue streams. According to the analysis, medspas using Boulevard drove:

  • 24% more service sales and a 25% increase in the overall number of services performed, bolstered by completely customizable intake forms that make it easier than ever to gather client information and make personalized recommendations during the initial consult.

  • 31% more retail sales, bolstered by intuitive checkout and inventory management tools, seamless Shopify integration, and smart software that offers suggestions based on past purchases.

  • 36% more package sales, boosted by the ability to create customized packages directly in the platform and promote those packages through automated email marketing campaigns and one-off email promotions via Boulevard’s built-in Marketing Suite.

  • 175% more membership sales, boosted by flexible platform settings that make it easy for medspas to create branded membership and loyalty programs, track those programs through robust back-end reporting, and keep them active through automatic rebilling capabilities.

The bottom line

Ultimately, for medspas and other self-care businesses, the bottom line remains the bottom line. According to the customer impact study, medspas that switched to Boulevard grew revenue by 30% on average in the first year alone.

To view the complete findings of Boulevard’s analysis, download the full report.

Improving at every step of the client experience

The new Boulevard impact study is available at a time when the company is rapidly emerging as the client experience platform of choice for the medspa industry. The number of medspas using Boulevard’s platform has jumped 640 percent in the past two years. Boulevard is now trusted by hundreds of medspas across the country to help deliver memorable client experiences.

Last week, Boulevard announced the availability of advanced charting, a powerful new capability that enables medspas to add detailed visuals to their client documentation and treatment notes. With the addition of advanced charting, Boulevard offers everything modern medspas need to deliver a client experience that is equal parts seamless, comprehensive, and compliant.

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