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This Time It's Personal: How to Make Every Client Feel Like a Regular

Harness client data to personalize client interactions beyond the salon or spa experience

Making clients feel like the star of the show has always been at the forefront for anyone working in the beauty industry. Throw in a global pandemic that upended how consumers interact with everything from making appointments to marketing and service, and it’s easy to see just how important a personal touch goes toward making a lasting impact. Your clients don’t see a personalized experience as exceptional — it’s become the default expectation across all aspects of your business.

Making clients feel like regulars, even if they only rarely drop in, is one of the most critical methods for retention and boosting revenue in the digital age. These interactions go beyond the handful of moments they’re actually in your salon. Read on to discover how forming personal connections via marketing and messaging makes clients feel special and keeps them coming back.

Personalization matters now more than ever

A recent study by McKinsey shows just how important personalization is in client retention, improving profits, and growing your business post-Covid. Customer behaviors that generally take a decade to evolve transformed in just a handful of months, as 75% of the population tried out new stores, products, or buying methods during the pandemic. 

This shift has deepened the need for maintaining that personal connection, as clients are far more likely to seek another salon or spa if they’re not getting the attention and consideration they want. The study results bear this out — 71% of consumers expect personalization when interacting with businesses, and 76% of consumers get frustrated when that personalized experience isn’t there.

According to the study, some important actions clients expect include:

  • Relevant service and product recommendations

  • Tailoring messaging to client needs

  • Offering targeted promotions

  • Celebrating milestones

  • Timely communications at key moments

  • Following up after appointments

  • Personally addressing communications

Offering personalized experiences not only increases the likelihood of repeat business, it makes clients more likely to recommend your salon to others. Brick-and-mortar businesses like salons and spas are also likely to see a 10%-20% uplift in revenue when they make an effort to personalize messaging.

Tips for making clients feel unique beyond the salon

With this information in tow, it’s time to make these digital connections with your clients to extend service beyond your salon or spa. Here are some tips to help make client interactions personal and meaningful and draw them back for additional appointments.

Gather first-party client data with your booking software

As clients become more concerned about their digital privacy, first-party data is your most valuable tool for maintaining relationships and retaining clients. When booking appointments — whether in-person or through self-booking forms online — be sure to request client email for future communication. 

Always make email marketing requests opt-in so clients are the ones to initiate the relationship. This will make personalized follow-ups feel welcome rather than invasive — in fact, 7 out of 10 people appreciate personalized contact from businesses as long as clients intentionally share that information with that business. 

If you’re finding it difficult to get clients to opt in, offering coupons or discounts is a great way to get people on board — especially if those offers are sent out immediately upon receipt of the email. This offer also sets an expectation that anyone signing up will receive value from this communication beyond being marketed at.

Personalize marketing to meet client needs

Your booking software should also help you track client data — from the frequency of visits to the types of services they buy — to craft marketing messages that respond directly to their needs. If a client regularly comes in for a massage every three months and they haven’t set up their next appointment, sending an email nudge will feel genuinely helpful as it simultaneously keeps your business top of mind.

It’s also a great way to upsell on services clients haven’t tried. Offers should be relevant to services they’ve already experienced, making the transition into the upsell more organic. For example, if a male client regularly comes in for haircuts, it’s worth sending offers for beard trimming or shave services. 

This is where your personalized client profiles will come in handy, as they will tell you more specific details to help suggest services than your general analytics. If a client has mentioned they have kids, try sending reminders during the back-to-school season with a special discounted rate. 

Some services — like color treatments or nail stylings — require additional appointments for upkeep so clients continue to look their best. This is a great opportunity to reach out with special instructions or re-booking reminders in the days and weeks following the initial appointment. 

And, of course, be sure to use the client’s name in email communications to add that special touch.

Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones

Everyone loves opening presents, and offering coupons for birthdays is a great way for businesses to give the gift of self-care. To personalize this even further, find ways to offer coupons for other life events or milestones. Maybe send a discount for a couple’s spa treatment to celebrate a wedding anniversary or hand out a free gift card to honor a year of customer loyalty.

Lean on your software to make client experiences unique

Taking care of new clients, winning lapsed clients back, and making current clients feel unique — keeping track of all this information without help is virtually impossible. That’s why you need management software to help you juggle client information and automate client interactions outside of the salon, so you can focus on making those in-salon visits perfect. 

At a minimum, look for marketing software that integrates with your customer database to help you manage and personalize email campaigns. For example, in addition to managing booking information and payments, Boulevard also handles marketing blasts so you can reach clients directly within a single platform. Plus, its intelligent algorithm automates messaging around birthdays, reminders, and other criteria to ensure the right client gets messaging tailored to them at just the right time.

With the right software, putting the personal touch on client interactions can be effortless — let it work for you, not the other way around.

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