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Fresh Spa Marketing Ideas for 2023

So your spa is the destination for pampering and relaxation in your area. You’ve got highly skilled professionals and world-class services to give your clients a one-of-a-kind experience as soon as they walk through your doors. There’s just one problem, though: Without effective spa marketing ideas, getting customers in the door becomes nearly impossible.

The right ad, social media campaign, or promotion can be the difference between success and failure. But with so many options, it’s hard to know where to start. Whether you’re just starting out or simply in need of some new marketing tactics, these tips will help you get the word out and draw customers in.

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Spa marketing idea #1: Make an advertisement

Keep the copy short, but make each word count

Let’s be real: Nowadays, no one is reading overly verbose advertisements while scrolling through their smartphone. The fact is, you have between 2.7 and 8 seconds to attract and maintain a potential customer’s attention — which means you have to grab them with those first few words or lose them forever.

Some of the best spa ads of all time have made their mark with only a handful of words, and if they can do it, so can you. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should neglect the copy. When you’re working with limited characters, you have to make each one count. Get the message across as simply and firmly as you can while evoking those feelings of relaxation and self-care you want your customers to feel when they’re at your business. Pair a strong, short message with a compelling photo or graphic and you’ll have all the tools you need to grab someone’s attention. 

Let customers know what makes your business special

There are probably other businesses in your area that offer similar services, so what makes yours stand out? Whether it’s the quality of services, the attitude and experience of your professionals, or thoughtful little perks (maybe you serve clients champagne as they wait for their appointment to begin), make sure potential customers know why your business is the one they want.

Don’t forget the call to action

This rule isn’t exclusive to spa marketing, but when potential clients are debating whether or not to treat themselves or a loved one to a luxury service, a strong call to action helps guide them towards a decision. The call to action might encourage people to book an appointment, take advantage of a special promotion, or purchase a gift card — just make sure you let them know what their next steps should be. 

To see these strategies in action, take a look at The 5 Best Spa Advertisement Examples of All Time.

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Spa marketing idea #2: Launch a promotion

Draw in first-timers

Let’s say a new customer is trying to decide between two spas. They’re similar in location, services offered, and price range, but one of them offers 30% to first-time clients. Which one do you think that hypothetical customer would choose? By giving new customers a clear reason to pick your business, you’ll get more people walking through your doors.

Get people talking with online contests

Running contests through social media accounts is a great form of marketing because it’s low-cost and gets people talking. It could be as simple as followers submitting an email address, using a hashtag, answering a simple question, or sharing a picture from your spa for a chance to win some sort of prize, whether that’s a discount, gift card, or something else.

Contests don’t necessarily drive an immediate increase in business, but they’re great for long-term marketing. Everyone who enters the contest becomes a potential lead, while baseline awareness for your spa increases as the word spreads. The more fun the contest is, the more people will want to enter and spread the word, so don’t be afraid to get creative! Just make sure entry is accessible; make the qualifications too complicated and everyone will bail.

Work with local businesses

Perhaps now more than ever, people are acutely aware of the need to support local businesses. Encourage this support by exploring co-promotions with other companies in your area. Find ways to save customers time or money by bundling services, or simply turn a quick spa trip into a whole day out with a discounted dinner at a local restaurant. The possibilities are endless, so long as you keep your customer at the forefront and create promotions that will best serve them. What’s great is that the two businesses don’t have to have an obvious connection, so don’t feel limited to other luxury services. Maybe while getting a massage at your place, your customer can have their car serviced down the road, turning a chore into a treat.

For more business-boosting inspo, read The 5 Best Spa Promotion Ideas for Driving Business.

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Spa marketing idea #3: Cultivate customer loyalty

Personalize the experience

Getting customers in the door is only the first step. Once they’re in your spa, it’s up to you to make the experience so unforgettable and delightful that clients can’t help but come back again. There are plenty of ways to cultivate loyalty, but one surefire tactic is to find ways to tailor the experience towards repeat customers. By finding ways to make the experience more personal — a birthday discount, for example — customers have more reasons to keep choosing your spa over others. 

Use memberships and referral rewards

Another great way to build a loyal customer base is to give them more reasons to come back. Memberships encourage repeat business because customers are more willing to make consistent appointments if there’s some sort of value exchange. This might be a punch card that gives out perks after a certain number of visits or other rewards for long-time regulars.

Speaking of rewards, referral rewards are another great way to increase loyalty among existing customers while gaining new clients. Give your clients a reason to invite their friends — maybe buy one, get one free mani/pedi sessions or a set discount when they bring someone new. 

Don’t underestimate word-of-mouth marketing

While a solid spa marketing plan will include paid ads, word-of-mouth marketing can be just as effective. Give your loyal clients a reason to share: a clever ad, a giveaway, an inspirational photo, a funny video, the list goes on. Encourage clients to post about your spa on their own social channels, ideally tagging your business and using a designated hashtag that makes these posts easier to track. You can even set up well-lit selfie walls inside your business, because who can resist a pretty backdrop and a ring light? These viral marketing strategies actually do double duty, giving customers reasons to return while hooking new ones.

Need a step-by-step guide? Check out How to Build A Spa Marketing Plan.

When it comes to spa marketing ideas, there are seemingly limitless ways to promote your business. You don’t have to use every idea in this post to be successful — just choose a few that speak to you and start from there! Even if you already have a marketing plan that works for you, it’s never a bad idea to reevaluate every few months to a year to see if there are any gaps.

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