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How Technology Supports the Service Stage of the Client Experience

The right application of technology can make any visit to your self-care business something truly exceptional

Savvy use of tech has successfully ushered your client through the first three stages of the client experience. They booked their session without fuss, your appointment prep is on point, and they glided through the check-in process with ease. None of that will matter if you don’t deliver during step number four of the six stages of the client experience: the actual service itself. 

Of course your service is good, but it can be better. Your client wants to walk out looking and feeling great, but more than that, they want to feel like they have your full attention. Personalization is at the heart of every exceptional service stage; the more fully you can create the impression that you’ve put effort into taking care of your client, the more successful the service stage will be. That’s no small feat with a schedule as busy as yours, but with judicious application of the right technology, you can deliver an exceptional client experience each and every time.  

Why the service stage matters

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: The service stage matters because it’s what you do. The services you provide at your salon or spa are your reason for being, they’re the core of your business. But more than that, the service stage matters because it ties directly into every aspect of your business, from client retention to pricing to marketing. If your service stage falls short, clients are less likely to book repeat appointments, upsells will be more difficult to achieve, and collecting five-star reviews will be an uphill battle. Attention to detail at the service stage, however, will pay off big time as your clients sing your praises even as they rebook.

So how can technology help with this? The previous stages of the client experience have already set you up for success. The booking stage has let the client know what to expect; thanks to the appointment prep stage, you’ve got everything you need for the service you’re about to provide; the exceptional welcome stage has your client feeling relaxed and happy. Now it’s time to knock their socks off.

Must-have service features 

Client profiles

Personalization means more than just greeting your client by name (but definitely do that). You also want to come to that appointment armed with every bit of information you can possibly leverage to make their time with you remarkable. Client profiles can help you keep track of everything from their preferred hair color formulations and styles they love (and hate!) to what kind of movies they like to talk about. Did they get a new Goldendoodle puppy or is their son about to start Kindergarten? These are great tidbits to remember and ask about at their next appointment. Bonus points if your chosen client profile tech can include social media accounts to give you an even better snapshot into your clients’ lives. The more kinds of information you have, and the more detailed you make the profile, the easier it is to make your client feel like they’re visiting with a friend rather than paying for a service. 

You also want to be able to tell at a glance what kind of client this is. Using emojis are a playful (and effective) way to highlight certain attributes and make sure your whole staff is on the same page. For example, armed with this info, your front desk staff can turn on extra charm for VIPs, create a welcoming first impression for newcomers and tread extra lightly for those sometimes spicy (but loyal!) clients.  

Retail recommendations

No one likes a hard sell at the end of a service, especially when a client is feeling relaxed and fabulous. You certainly don’t want to ruin that vibe.  But when you can easily see retail purchase history and client notes, you can casually ask if they are running low on their favorite shampoo they bought two months ago.  Or if they want to try that new moisturizer they raved about in their last facial.  With the info at your fingertips, it creates a much smoother and personalized experience for everyone – that will likely result in more sales for your business.  

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs provide ample opportunity to further personalize the service stage of the client experience. Whether it's tracked via points, visits, or some other metric, loyalty rewards give your staff an opening to connect with clients. Perhaps they’ve accumulated enough points to earn an add-on treatment — take this opportunity to make a custom recommendation for the current appointment or the next. If they’ve collected previous rewards, ask them how they enjoyed them. If neither of those fit the situation, simply thanking the client for being a member of the program sets the stage for a bit of extra personal attention (especially if it comes with a small gift like a free product or treat like chocolates!).

So with the right tech and your superstar staff, you’ll be sure your clients have the best experience at their appointment and walk out singing your praises.

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