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Show Your Appreciation With These Mother's Day Salon Promo Ideas

With the right promotion, your salon can attract Mother’s Day clients while helping them feel like the queens they are.

Moms, mamas, and mothers are ready to treat themselves this month, and your salon can help! Try these promotional strategies to remind everyone what a special occasion Mother’s Day can be.

Offer a mother-daughter session

Sometimes the most thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts are those that mothers can share and enjoy with their children. That’s precisely why mother-daughter beauty sessions are so popular at this time of year. Why not have some fun with a complete makeover side-by-side? Either with identical styles or different looks? If they’re willing, you could make it interesting by switching their looks!

Mother-daughter sessions have lots of appeal, but you can take additional steps to get the word out and generate interest in your brand. One great example is offering a post-appointment photo station — it acts as a keepsake the family will enjoy, and it’s an opportunity to share your stylist’s work on social media. You can also increase the value of a mother-daughter package by selling them through Mother’s Day but letting clients redeem them anytime. After all, parents and children can’t always guarantee when their schedules will sync up.

Customize gift card designs to promote pampering

Another easy win this Mother’s Day is a seasonal gift card for mom’s to get some quality salon pampering. For best results, show off custom gift card designs to get clients in the gifting mindset before checkout. Boulevard partners now have access to custom Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in the Gift Cards tab of the business settings. Once selected, the designs will be available for clients to choose from within your business’ self-booking widget and online gift card landing page.

Partner with other local businesses

You’re not the only business celebrating Mother’s Day with promotions. If a local brand compliments your beauty service, consider partnering with them to create a joint package. This bundle might include a literal product compilation or a series of discounts, but the gold standard is a “Pamper Your Mother Day” — combining massages, mani-pedis, hairstyles, dinner, a movie, or any other appropriate service.

Of course, if you choose that latter option, make sure Mom hits the beauty brands before her night on the town so that she looks her best!

Use social media for heart-warming stories, not just sales

We often use social media to spread the word about major promotions and discounts, but its real value lies in branding. Handles and profile pages are platforms to connect with customers, and holidays like Mother’s Day represent excellent opportunities to do so.

Instead of blasting out promotional details, use the moment to get personal. For example, your stylists may have heartwarming anecdotes to share: perhaps one mom inspired their child’s beauty career or was their first client post-salon training. If possible — and with the stylist’s permission — post some photographs of stylists and mothers together. And if they’re doing each other’s hair, all the better!

This approach speaks to more than an excellent salon promotion; it reminds every follower of the human connections we all share. If you communicate this intention effectively, it will build goodwill that helps them view your brand fondly. That’s when you can break out the special Mother’s Day package as a gift option, closing the deal and filling an appointment slot

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