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Master Medspa Email Marketing With These 5 Tips

If you want to stay on top of your client’s mind, stay on top of their inbox

Close your eyes and think about your email inbox for a moment. Okay, phew, you’re back. Don’t worry, you won’t have to think about your inbox again — but you should think about your clients’. That vision of hundreds of offers and spam you just saw? They’re probably seeing the same thing. If you’re mishandling your Medspa email marketing, there’s a chance you’re contributing to their inbox anxiety. 

Don’t fret! Mastering email marketing is easier than it seems if you follow certain guidelines and use the right tools. You can keep your clients engaged and your schedule full by putting a few email marketing tips to work. That way, you’ll stay out of the spam folder and in their hearts.

Educate without bombarding

Bad news: Nearly 85% of all emails sent are spam, and no email provider can root them all out. Clients are left to do the legwork, marking as spam all the pesky little phishing scams and phony wire transfer offers that land in front of them. If you’re sending too much to your clients, you may find they're sending your emails to the junk folder right alongside the newsletters they accidentally subscribed to. 

That’s a situation that’s best avoided, so you should schedule most of your emails to hit the right cadence. Medspa email marketing software will often have built-in guardrails that automate emails to keep your clients from receiving too much correspondence from you. It can also ensure that your emails are being sent to clients at opportune times, increasing the odds that they’ll book a service (or two).

Create effective one-time blasts to advertise promotions

When it comes to running a medspa, messaging is half the battle. Your promotions are instrumental in keeping clients, but you need to know how to nail your messaging for them to land with maximum effect.

Most people prefer emails for brand communication — which is why 37% of brands increased their email marketing budget in 2022 — and about 90% of Millennials primarily view their emails on smartphones. So, your emails should look nice on a small screen. Pick special occasions to send out promos, like holidays, so that it feels like there’s a good reason that you’re reaching out to a client. These holidays don’t necessarily have to be huge, they just have to make sense. For example, National Botox Day lands on November 16, which is a perfect occasion for Medspas to do some self-promotion.

Run automated campaigns to save time (and get results)

From getting past clients to return for more services to filling in slow days on your calendar, there are lots of reasons to run a medical spa email marketing campaign. Marketing is a tried and true way to retain and attract customers, but it takes a lot of time to design and run a campaign. For most Medspas, the best solution is to use marketing software to automate the process.

There are campaign templates for virtually any marketing goal, with tried and true tactics that make it more likely that your emails will resonate with clients. You definitely want these campaigns to be performance-based, so you only pay for opened emails and bookings. There’s no point in paying for marketing that doesn’t lead anywhere, after all. The best marketing software will give you that option, as well as proven templates that you can put to work.

Add a personal touch to your Medspa email marketing

Just because you’re using a marketing template doesn’t mean it has to be cookie-cutter. Make sure your marketing software lets you target which customers should receive a message by their treatment or purchase history, and schedule it at a time that makes sense based on their last visit.

You should add flair to your email marketing efforts, using your color scheme, font, logo, and other formatting to convey your branding to clients. You want to create a simple, clean design that communicates your message clearly.

Marketing software will make that process easy, allowing you to customize your marketing material to have a greater impact on clients. Check out Boulevard’s marketing suite for an example of how the process usually works.

Keep an eye on your progress

Medical spa email marketing is easy to learn, but takes time to perfect. It requires a lot of trial and error to find the perfect cadence for your audience. Templates will certainly help, but you need to track your statistics to learn what works and what doesn’t, refining your efforts until you’ve perfected your touch. If your promos don’t end in a booking, use what you learned from it to inform your future promotions.

Take notes on every metric you can after you send out promotional materials. You want to know which campaigns lead to new bookings and higher revenue so you can focus your efforts. With that information and a powerful suite of tools at your disposal, you’ll be ready to capture your clients’ attention and grow your medspa.

Apply these tips, and you’ll see your medspa business grow in no time.

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