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9 Features the Best Medical Spa Marketing Solutions Have in Common

Get to know the must-have medspa marketing solutions to connect with clients, drive engagement, and bring in revenue

The medspa market is booming. As in worth $29.7 billion by 2027 booming. Millions of people are emerging from two years of COVID-related lockdowns ready to hit the reset button on their looks, and your medspa is there to help. It’s an exciting time, but how do you keep clients engaged and coming back regularly? Tailored medical spa marketing solutions are an excellent first step when applied thoughtfully. Medical aesthetics are personal, probably more personal than any other type of self-care business, and your medspa marketing software should reflect that. Here are seven must-have features to look for, plus some tips on using different forms of marketing in your business.  

Medspa marketing solutions features

You should tailor your messaging to your target audience, but the scope of your marketing efforts can and should be broad. Everything from curbside signs to social media posts belong in your medspa marketing toolkit, and your medical spa marketing solution needs to support all your efforts.

Email marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways of reaching clients. According to a 2021 report, over 4 billion people around the world use email. As a marketing channel, it’s tough to beat email’s flexibility; use it to boost loyalty, promote deals, or even gather demographic information to help inform future campaigns.  Emails are also easier to personalize than an IG post, making them an excellent vehicle for the kind of soft touch that makes recipients feel valued and cared for. In other words, look for medspa marketing solutions with robust email marketing features

Social media

All that being said, you should not neglect your socials — especially since the medspa industry’s fastest-growing demographic is Gen Z and Millenials, who are just as likely to learn about your business on TikTok as through a Google search. Modern medical spa marketing solutions should do more than track engagement (likes, views, shares, follows), though. You’ll want advanced scheduling features and the ability to understand ebbs and flows in traffic to your posts. 

HIPAA-compliant client profiles

Because medspas operate under a medical director and because the services you provide are considered non-invasive medical procedures, HIPAA compliance is a must. Not protecting your clients' personal and health information (like any medical conditions they mentioned prior to a service) can result in hefty fines. That’s why any medspa marketing solution you consider should encrypt and protect all information you collect and store about clients. 

Customizable branding

Not to sound like a broken record, but medspa businesses are personal. They have to be when you address concerns that require vulnerability and trust between you and your clients. That means you’ll need to put extra care into making sure your brand messaging, graphics, and design are just right for your audience. Look for medical spa marketing solutions providing customizable email and social post templates that let your brand shine. You’ll also want these templates to be easy to use. That way, your staff won’t require hours of training before you can send perfectly branded emails to clients.

Automated email campaigns

Marketing automation is the time-saving, client-retaining, revenue-growing wizard of every medspa marketing solution worth its salt. Many great things can come from automating your email marketing: Appointment reminders can turn one-and-done clients into regulars, automatic birthday promos let clients know you appreciate them, and your business can grow revenue without requiring extra time and effort from your team.

Two-way texting

Two-way texting allows your staff to casually check in with clients and help them book an appointment with a few swift taps. It’s also the fastest way for you to communicate urgent updates to their appointments or confirm upcoming appointments. Keep in mind that Americans check their phone an average of 352 times a day, so your aestheticians or receptionists are much more likely to reach a client by text than any other method. To make sure you stay HIPAA compliant, avoid using SMS to discuss personal health information.

Loyalty program

As the name suggests, a loyalty program keeps clients returning to your medspa with various reward points, perks, and extras. Creating your own program from scratch can be quite an undertaking, though. A medical spa marketing solution should make the process seamless with built-in customizable points systems and tracking. It should also be compatible with loyalty programs like Alle by Allergan or ASPIRE by Galderma to help your clients get the most value from those products.

Robust reporting tools

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Being able to see and interpret your client conversion and retention rates is crucial to understanding what marketing is showing results and which needs to be rethought. Ask any potential medspa marketing software provider for a demo of their reporting tools to ensure they’re comprehensive and intuitive. 

Seamless integrations 

Your medspa marketing solution should enhance your existing processes, not upend them, and should integrate seamlessly with the rest of your tech stack, such as your POS system, booking software, and online shop. For example, Boulevard’s Marketing Suite integrates with Zapier, Shopify, and TrueLark, among others. Software that’s siloed from the rest of your systems is inefficient and a drain on your resources.Look for solutions that integrate with your POS, booking, or inventory management software to make sure nothing gets lost in translation as you go through your normal workflows.

Above all, your marketing tools should help you grow your business. Generating leads is half the battle — look for solutions that take the long view and help you engage, delight, and retain current clients. Keep this checklist in mind when you’re searching for a smooth-sailing, effective marketing solution for your medspa business.

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