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High-Tech Shortcuts to Exceptional MedSpa Client Relationships

Finding a management platform can help automate the details to let you focus on providing the best care for your clients

The medical spa industry is on track to grow by $31.5 billion by 2025, and being able to scale to take advantage of that growth is vital. Creating and processing intake forms, communicating with clients, managing ads, all while offering professional consultation and high-quality service — these tasks can add up and overwhelm even the best medical spa teams.

A medspa management platform will help you handle this and more so you can focus on what’s most important: your clients. Read on to learn about the ways a high-tech solution can optimize the way you run your business.

Set up online pre-consult forms to automate your intake process

Onboarding is an important step of any medspa procedure, as it can often set the tone of the relationship with your clients. Before COVID, much of this process required filling out physical forms and follow-up calls before the consultation meeting. As clients have become more acclimated to completing this process online, it's important to be able to adapt your booking and pre-consultation process to meet their needs. 

A good management platform will allow you to select from a handful of form templates (or let you build your own from scratch) so clients can securely self-book appointments and fill out any necessary medical information. They should be able to add notes about what they want out of their procedure or upload photos for reference. And they should be able to do it all quickly and easily regardless of whether they're on a desktop computer or mobile device.

Your staff will also benefit from a management platform, as they can then easily access client information and assess allergies or prior conditions before treatment. This can be used to determine accommodations, tools, or procedures needed. You could also leverage for intel on potential products and services to upsell. 

Ultimately, your management platform solution should make gathering patient data a breeze, so you can use that information to increase your business while providing the best care possible. 

Personalize your interactions to leave a lasting connection

Social media hasn't just connected people from all over the world. It's also changed what people expect from the services they use — including hospitals and medical spas. People want an experience that is personal to them, and research shows that 80% of people are more likely to make a purchase when they feel like their specific needs are being catered to. Your medspa management platform can handle this for you with ease.

Clinicians can access this data from clients’ profiles and make recommendations during their visits for services or products that will supplement their procedure or fit their medical history. The information you gather doesn’t have to stay limited to medical history or current procedures; you can gather information about their favorite scents, music, colors, or any other personal details you might leverage to personalize their visit. 

This data can also help you craft marketing emails and texts with product offers and other advertisements that will cater to their needs while helping increase repeat visits. Your management platform will take the guesswork out of exactly what your clients want, and will provide you with efficient, proven ways to give it to them.

Use two-way texting to conduct follow-up conversations

People have busy lives, and getting in touch with follow-up information over the phone can be tough. Instead, why not connect with your clients the same way they reach out to their friends and family — via text message?

Two-way texting provides an opportunity to directly interact with your clients during onboarding and after their medical spa treatment. You can send and receive messages directly with your clients, giving you a chance to discuss appointment scheduling, describe treatments and procedures offered, and even upsell additional products. SMS messaging even allows transferring images, so clients can send in inspiration photos for upcoming appointments.

Don't let your clients feel like they're part of an assembly line — these opportunities for direct communication will give you a chance to make your clients feel like royalty.

Customize your reports to maximize ROI

No one wants to spend hours staring at Excel spreadsheets, but analyzing data is a crucial part of maintaining profitability and driving growth for your business. Your management platform shouldn't just be able to capture the information you need — it should be able to filter and synthesize it in a snap so you can make better-informed decisions for your clients, your clinicians, and your business.

Sort by specific clients to see their purchase history over time so you can recommend touch-up appointments or additional products. Filter by service type so you can see sales performance and adjust your ad campaigns to improve revenue. Your platform should let you drill down to the information you need when you need it, and then let you share or export those reports with other users.

Make sure your client profiles are HIPAA-compliant

Extra reporting and communications features are great, but if they're not secure, then you're merely providing more opportunities for hackers to find and access valuable protected health information (PHI). Cyberattacks against the medical industry as a whole have gone up substantially since the beginning of the pandemic, and data breaches can be costly — both for your revenue and your spa's reputation. 

That's why it's absolutely vital to find a management platform that is HIPAA-compliant. A HIPAA-compliant platform provides security for your patients, who are uploading private information about their medical history, and your staff, who need to access this information. An optimally HIPAA compliant platform will have:

  • Secure login for patients and staff

  • Encryption of any charts 

  • Tracking of staff account activity for quality assurance

You don't need to sacrifice functionality to achieve security. A well-optimized management platform will provide a robust suite of marketing tools while keeping your patients' privacy protected.

Industry-specific management software isn’t just a helpful tool for your business, it’s a secret weapon that gives you an edge over your competition. Once you have it, you’ll ask yourself how you ever got along without it.

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