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Here's How to Rock Green Hair This Saint Patrick's Day

Whether you’re going for mermaid vibes or channeling Billie Eilish, there’s no better time to break out the green dye.

Who says it’s not easy being green? Sure, green hair might have some negative connotations — too much chlorine, the whole Joker thing — but it can also be a bold, bright, and beautiful way to express yourself. And what better time to go green than St. Patrick’s Day? If you’re looking for a major hair color change to celebrate the holiday (or just because you feel like it!), here are some ways to make green hair work for you.

Choose your hue

St. Patrick’s Day is most commonly associated with Kelly green (think shamrocks), but you shouldn’t feel the need to limit yourself. There are so many different ways to rock green hair: Seafoam green gives mermaid vibes, neon green turns heads, or you could use a subtle forest green to highlight your natural color. There’s no one right way to do green hair, so let your imagination run wild and pick the shade that most appeals to your personal tastes.

To bleach or not to bleach

It’s a sad reality of hair dye: If you want the most extreme results, you’re going to need to start with light hair. If your natural color is practically platinum, you can probably get away without bleaching, but for the rest of us, stripping that dark hair color is the best way to show off bold rainbow colors. That said, it might not be necessary, depending on the results you’re looking for. Coloring conditioners like Overtone’s “for brown hair” series result in a more subtle tint, even with those sporting dark hair. If you do go with bleach, though, please head directly to your favorite salon, because DIYing it can be extremely damaging to your beautiful locks.

Can’t commit? Start small

Dying your hair can be a big undertaking, so sometimes it’s best to work up to a full follicle makeover. There are still plenty of ways to work some green into your hair: Money pieces are hot right now, and your stylist can help you decide if some highlights or an ombre is right for you. Just a touch of bright green can make your look edgier, while more subtle shades add dimension, especially with naturally dark hair colors.

Mix in more colors

Why stop at one color when there’s a whole rainbow out there? Believe it or not, green pairs well with a variety of colors:

  • Green + Black: You’ve probably seen Billie Eilish’s striking look — who knew neon green roots could look so good? The high contrast between bright greens and dark hair makes for a bold look that’s sure to be noticed.

  • Green + Purple: You might not think these colors go together, but they really do! A softer teal or mint combined with a stark purple shade will make you look like an exotic sea witch, and you can add blues and pinks to go full unicorn.

  • Green + More Green: If you really want to embrace your leprechaun side, green on green on green is the way. An ombre or color melt that starts light at the roots and progressively gets bolder allows you to utilize multiple gorgeous green shades while keeping your hair looking dynamic and fun.

Of course, you shouldn’t feel limited to these color combos — hair dye aficionados and expert stylists can make green work with anything. The only limit is your imagination… well, that, and your hair care budget. And if you’re still not sure where to begin, let your stylist guide you! Find a salon with color experts who can help you decide what works best with your skin tone, your vibe, and your maintenance routine.

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