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How to Get Massage Clients: 5 Creative Ways to Grow your Business

Getting more massage business may be easier than you think with these tips for expanding your client pool

Your massage business might have it all, from skilled masseurs to top of the line products ready to make each session flawless. But that still isn't a guarantee you’ll draw a sustainable client base through your doors. We know you’d rather be spending your time giving aching people the relief they deserve, but trust us: Once you sort out how to get massage clients reliably, you’ll have a much easier time focusing on the work you love. Keep reading for massage promotion ideas to help you connect with local communities, manage a social media presence, and create irresistible offers that will get clients out of their homes and onto your tables.

#1: Offer referrals and membership programs

When it comes to attracting clients, it can be difficult to know where to start. So, start with what you have! Even a small base of regular clients can easily grow with a referral program. Introducing a friends-and-family discount is a low-cost incentive that ensures new clients keep walking in the door. 

Once you have more referrals, you can consider starting up a membership program to encourage regular bookings. This rewards the clients you already have and serves as an enticing gift for the growing number of people who value experiences over traditional gifts. Offering different membership tiers caters to multiple price ranges and helps clients feel like they’re getting a personalized experience.

#2: Connect with local practitioners

In 2021, 63% of clients received a massage as part of a treatment plan by a doctor or healthcare practitioner. Working with local healthcare offices such as chiropractors or physical therapists will increase the chances of them referring customers to your business. Sports or deep tissue massage is a perfect complement to medical care for injured muscles and joints, while the range of repetitive strain injuries common to modern work life can be soothed by all manner of specialty massages.

Networking with other massage therapists is another way to both establish a working relationship and expand your client pool. Depending on the type of strain or injury, clients may need a particular type of massage that your business specializes in. Networking with other massage therapists in your area will ensure that your business is the name that pops up for referral and recommendation. While it’s true that referring your own clients to other parlors is a risk, it’s also a way to get word out that your spa puts clients first — and you may be surprised how many end up returning to your table.

#3: Sponsor and appear at local events

When it comes to how to get massage clients, it all starts with a strong local presence. Sponsoring charity events like raffles or drives is an excellent way to make sure new faces visit your massage parlor. Offering a free session, a gift card, or even a temporary membership as a prize all get your foot in the door.

The most surefire answer for how to get sports massage clients is to go where the sports are, so consider promoting your business at local athletic events. Professional gatherings such as conventions can be a great answer for how to get corporate massage clients. Making sure people in the community recognize your spa and hear more about your offers is an essential way to work out how to get massage clients, and word of mouth can help grow your bookings in communities you otherwise may not reach — which can be a great boon for new businesses wondering how to get high end massage clients. You can find even more ideas that can apply to your business in our guide to spa promotion ideas.

#4: Grow your online presence

Your social media presence may be one of the first things prospective clients see when they jump online to do some research. Getting your spa on the map with Instagram and Facebook is a great way to get new people to hear about your business. More than that, having a social media presence can better define your business’ brand, allowing you to engage with people and keep your business in their mind even when they aren’t anywhere near a massage table.

Creating and maintaining an attractive website will give future clients a central point to explore your services and specialties. Also consider starting an email campaign with monthly newsletters that outline your spa’s current offers and new services. Then you can use the data your clients share in account creation to learn more about your market demographic and adjust your business plan accordingly. Check out our rundown of spa marketing ideasfor more inspiration on how to spread your message.

#5: Introduce first-time offers

Receiving a massage is an intimate experience, and first-timers might be on the fence about letting a stranger work out their aches and pains. Encouraging them to decide for themselves at a reduced first-time price will make those clients more likely to climb off the fence and onto your table. It doesn’t have to be a flat discount, either; you could offer the first 15 minutes free as a sample (once they experience the skill and care of your massage therapists they likely won’t be in a hurry to leave), then follow up with a discount if they book their second appointment before heading out the door.

Now that you know how to get more clients showing up for their first appointment, it’s time to make sure your business is ready to keep soothing bodies and souls for a long time to come.

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