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Tips to Level up the Love and Ramp up Your Salon Revenue

Embrace the Galentine's Day Glow!

The shortest month of the year is upon us, which means one of our favorite holidays is right around the corner. That’s right: Galentine’s Day is coming! 

Ever since its debut in a 2010 episode of the sitcom Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day has been a delightful celebration of female friendship. Purposely dated the day before Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day is a much-needed reminder that romantic relationships aren’t the only ones that matter. As Leslie Knope says, it’s “ladies celebrating ladies” — a way for women to lift each other up and celebrate their achievements.

It may be a sitcom-created holiday, but Galentine’s Day can be a boon to salon and spa owners, many of whom serve an overwhelmingly female clientele. From in-person events to holiday-themed email marketing campaigns, here are a few ways to make your shop the must-visit Galentine’s destination this February 13.

Make your philosophy “Treat yo’self”

Is it cheating to invoke yet another Parks and Recreation holiday? Maybe, but Donna and Tom were definitely on to something when they dedicated an entire day to luxurious self-care and retail therapy. When it comes to Galentine’s Day marketing, the message should be that women deserve a day that’s just for them. Paint a picture of your salon as a place where groups of girlfriends can go to get pampered in comfort and style while spending quality time together. Spread the word by sending a beautiful email marketing campaign and sharing on your social media accounts. Back it up with group discounts to encourage your regulars to bring potential new clients to the salon. Remind anyone who walks into the salon on February 13 that they deserve a little self-care, as a treat.

Just add brunch

As Leslie Knope describes it, Galentine’s Day is “like Lilith Fair, minus the angst, plus frittatas.” Why not turn a morning or early afternoon at the salon into a boast-worthy brunch? It doesn’t have to be extensive — we don’t expect you to have your receptionist setting up a waffle station at her desk — but some coffee, mimosas, bagels, and pastries go a long way toward making a day feel a little more special. Not only does adding some brunch-y options help create the ideal vibe, but it turns routine services like manis, pedis, and haircuts into some much-needed “me time” for your clients.

Have those V-Day gift packs and gift cards ready to go

Galentine’s Day is for platonic life partners, but Valentine’s Day comes immediately afterward, so don’t forget to capitalize on it and make sure all your clients feel the love. Having Valentine’s bundles at checkout or prominently displayed around the salon will remind clients that after treating themselves, they should treat their partners. Skin care or haircare bundles in some cute packaging (with a few candy hearts thrown in for good measure) are ideal impulse buys, and your clients will be more open to purchasing these bundles when they’re nice and relaxed after a day of self-care. Gift cards are another low-cost way to drive some serious revenue and help your customers find the perfect gift for their special someone. With Boulevard, you can create custom Valentine’s Day offers or gift cards and quickly share with your clients via a personalized email campaign using our Boulevard Marketing Suite! It’s oh-so easy, and oh-so rewarding. 

Galentine’s Day may have started as a setup for a sitcom plotline, but in the decade since it has blossomed into a meaningful tradition celebrated by groups of women every year. Embracing it is a smart business move for salon owners, as well as a wonderful way to celebrate the importance of female friendships and support systems. And with a few simple marketing promotions, you can keep clients coming back all year long - long after the last chocolate has been eaten.

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