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Be Our Valentine! Xoxo, Boulevard

Roses are red, violets are blue. Beauty pros are the best, we don’t know where we’d be without you!

Salons, spas, and other beauty businesses bring joy to clients all year ‘round. That's why this Valentine's Day, the Boulevard staff wrote a love letter to you — the stylists, receptionists, assistants, managers, business owners, and everyone else that makes the beauty world tick. You give us all a gift every day by celebrating and honoring beauty, healing and transforming our bodies, and primping and pampering us when we need it most. Thank you for sharing your love, care, and expertise with us. Now take a few minutes to let in all the love the Boulevard team has for you!

You help us look our best in our own unique ways

Of course, spa, salon, and beauty treatments are focused on helping us look our best. We appreciate every individual that makes those self-care businesses what they are, and in this category, it’s really stylists that stand out. Why are we grateful for our stylists? Here’s how one Boulevard staffer summed it up: “Their expertise, dedication, and skill are unmatched!”

We also appreciate stylists because of their commitment to craft. “There's only so many people out there who can do what they do,” one Boulevardian commented. “My stylist makes me feel like I'm driving a Bugatti La Voiture Noire…In other words, like a gazillion bajillion dollas!” another team member shared. Thank you for dedicating your work to making others shine and bringing our bold, daring, sometimes downright wild beauty ideas to life. 

There’s also a lot of trust and honesty that goes into a relationship between stylist and client. One Boulevard team member said, “My stylist really listens to me and what I'm hoping to achieve. I appreciate when she's honest and lets me know when something won't work for my skin tone, hair type, etc.” Thank you for telling us the (occasionally hard) truth!

You support us through life’s most important moments

In a lot of cases, that trust allows us to have some of our most profound, revealing, and entertaining conversations. Thank you for listening to our stories, giving us breakup bangs, and keeping up with the whims of our hearts over the years. You’ve wiped our tears, made us laugh, and shared your own deep and personal moments with us. We recognize your incredible talent, but we also recognize your patience, empathy, and care.

“My hairstylist has been with me through breakups, bad dating experiences, and finding my now fiancé,” said someone on team Boulevard. “He also had the best stories to share about his dating life. Making my hair look amazing is great, but doing it so while we have a good hour of laughing and talking is better!”

Some of us visit the salon and the spa for exactly these reasons — seeking a sense of community. These little connections are often the spice of our day-to-day lives. One Boulevardian shared, “My stylist not only does a great job with my hair, but I look forward to our conversations. From discussing books and pop culture to deep dives on parenting, we cover it all.”

You remind us to take time out for ourselves

The importance of self-care has found a home in public consciousness, even for people who never would have considered it an option before. Instead of being thought of as a luxury that we take time for only when everything else is finished, people have come to understand that spa and salon treatments are the fuel that keeps us going. 

As any spa or salon client can tell you, when we look our best, we feel our best. And regardless of how we look, just taking time out to tend to our own health can be a huge step. “I love spending dedicated time to myself and knowing I'll feel better when I walk out than I did before,” one Boulevard team member said. Another commented, “I always leave feeling confident and happy.” Thank you for giving us the chance to focus on treating ourselves right.

For some, the spa is their ‘happy place.’ “Spas are a dedicated space for me to be vulnerable, to relax, to relinquish — where someone can actively work on making me feel better,” a Boulevard team member said. Another insisted that “Going to the spa is the ultimate self-care. No phone, no kids, no interruptions. It's bliss and so necessary to carve out that time, especially in a super busy world.”

But there’s a bigger story to spas than relaxation or escape, as this Boulevard staffer explains: “I've been pretty conscious of the connection between physical and mental health and my overall quality of life. What I've learned as I've gotten older, however, is that time spent unplugging and letting it all go is just as important as time spent exerting yourself at the gym. Both are important, of course, but I suspect most people are quicker to link the gym to health and spas to treating yourself. To me, that's archaic thinking. When you take time to unplug and relax, you're not treating yourself. You're taking care of yourself. There's a big difference.”

From the salon chair to the spa bed, from the hair on our heads to the nails on our toes, and everything in between, you always take the best care of us. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, with all our love, from everyone at Boulevard and all the clients you serve around the world.

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