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Fall in Love With These Swoon-Worthy Valentine's Day Promos

These promotions help people say “I love you” to the one person in their lives who’ll always be there — themselves.

Few holidays are as emotionally charged as Valentine’s Day. Depending on who you ask, it’s a fun reminder to appreciate our significant others or a cynically manufactured event designed to sell greeting cards. (Spoiler: It’s both.) Then there’s the whole thing about how it ostracizes anyone without a partner. Is it even possible to mention Valentine’s Day without upsetting someone? 

You bet it is!

With the right approach, V-Day is something everyone can enjoy. Take a peep at these promo ideas and you’ll find the inspiration you need to help all of your clients feel the love.

It Takes Two

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a celebration of couples, so that’s a good place to start. From 2-for-1 pedicures to couples’ massages, there’s no shortage of ways to appeal to duos. Make the smart move, however, and expand the definition of “couple”. His and Hers, Hers and Hers, Theirs and Theirs, whatever — everyone’s love is worth celebrating in whatever way makes them feel wonderful. The more inclusive you make your promos for two, the more clients will feel like it’s “for” them, regardless of where they are on the romance spectrum. And, really, is the love between two besties any less brilliant than that between man and wife? Nope. Boulevard makes it easy to customize gift cards, so you can create designs that all of your clients will, well, love.

Put a Ring on It

Speaking of the marrieds, don’t overlook the older — but not that old — members of your clientele. Whether it’s taking care of the house, spending money on the kids, or suddenly discovering that yes, you really do need to pay attention to your salt intake, dear, middle-aged folks are often reluctant to put themselves in the spotlight. Give them the opportunity to enjoy some guilt-free self-care with promotions that are just that little bit more lush than the services they typically get. If they do color, offer highlights. If they get manicures, add in lashes. If you really want to make it an event, wheel in a TV for beauty and a movie. You’ve got lots of room to get creative with pricing or packaging, so use your imagination!

All By Myself

Not everyone has a partner to spend Valentine’s Day with and they shouldn’t feel like they’re missing out. Tell the singles you love them just the way they are with a promo designed for those riding solo. Partner with local businesses like florists or restaurants to complete the perfect date night for a party of one. Add a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine to any service over a certain dollar amount, or present any single who visits your shop on Valentine’s Day with a free beauty product. If you offer memberships or subscriptions, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to remind your single clients to love themselves year-round — they deserve nothing less.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love, so put together the promos that can make it happen. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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