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Become an Aesthetics Advertising Pro With These 5 Strategies


By Boulevard

Creating engaging content and rewarding loyalty go a long way

You know that your medspa is a step above the rest, but communicating that idea to potential clients is another challenge entirely. Attracting new clients and turning them into regulars requires thoughtful and strategic advertising choices, but where do you even begin? With so many options out there — social media, email, local advertising, and so forth — getting a handle on self-promotion can quickly become an all-encompassing task that takes you away from what’s most important: your clients.

To win the aesthetics advertising game, you don’t need to be a marketing pro or spend an obscene amount of money on ad campaigns. Instead of shouting into the void, take a more focused approach by mastering the five smart strategies below.

5 winning aesthetics advertising strategies

Know your clients

You can’t reach potential clients if you don’t know who they are. Do your services cater to a specific age group? Are your clients looking for luxury and discretion or a casual, cozy vibe? Where do they live? Where are they most likely to see your ads and marketing promotions?

Answering these questions might take a bit of market research, but honing in on your ideal client profile will make promoting your medspa significantly easier. Your brand identity should also align with your client demographic. For example, if you’re targeting Millennial and Generation Z clientele, you want to project an inclusive, authentic, and tech-savvy image. 

Make social media your friend

One of the most useful tools in the self-care professional’s toolbox is social media. Whether through paid or organic efforts, outlets like Instagram and TikTok offer creative ways to promote your business. Before embarking on any ad campaigns, however, make sure your medspa already has a strong social media presence. Consider leveraging trending topics and hashtags, posting before-and-after photos and videos, and other visually engaging ways to attract new clients.

Targeted social media advertising campaigns can help expand your reach and get your message to the right audience — it’s a good thing you’ve already established your core demographic! Avoid language that’s overly sales-y and instead focus on the self-care benefits your medspa offers. Make sure your social media marketing aesthetics are creative, eye-catching, and brand-appropriate.

Promote a personalized experience

You might see dozens of clients every week, but none of them want to feel like they’re just another face in the crowd. Medspa clients are looking for an experience tailored to their specific needs, not another cookie-cutter approach. You can gain a competitive advantage by advertising personalized services and letting potential clients know you’ll work with them to find the right solutions for them.

As for aesthetic promotion ideas, start by providing examples of how each appointment is tailored to every individual client. Client testimonials can be a huge help here, so leverage any positive reviews that call out your attention to detail and use them in your marketing materials. You want to send a specific message: Aesthetic services don’t have to be intimidating or impersonal. Let those who seek out your business know they’ll be treated like royalty whether they’re the first appointment of the day or the one hundredth.

Reward loyal clients with exclusive benefits

Once you’ve gotten new clients in the door with your advertising prowess, you can keep them coming back by rewarding their loyalty. This might mean providing discounts on follow-up services, offering exclusive deals, or even creating a comprehensive membership program — there’s no shortage of ways to make clients feel appreciated.

After establishing a loyalty system, be sure to promote it in your aesthetics advertising. It could just be the thing that makes someone choose your medspa over the shop across town.

Leverage creative email marketing

You can remain top-of-mind for current and potential clients by sliding into their inboxes on the regular. Email marketing is one of the most impactful ways to grow your business because it provides an incredible return on investment of $36 for every dollar spent. From birthday messages to follow-up reminders to last-minute openings, there’s no shortage of ways to use email effectively.

That said, anyone who’s ever cleaned out their inbox knows that emails with bland, generic subject lines and visuals go right to the spam folder. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to make your emails stand out; all you need is the right software. Look for customizable, mobile-friendly templates that look professional while still reflecting your brand identity. If you’re not sure if a message is working, test it out against others and study the results to see which direction works best.

Aesthetics advertising doesn’t have to be complicated. With these savvy strategies — and a little help from the right software — you’ll be well on your way to becoming a medspa marketing pro.

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