For Owners and Managers

Big Results Without Big Headaches

Boulevard was built to help you achieve profitability at scale without losing an inch of sanity. We want you to enjoy all that hard-earned success… because you deserve it.

Step away from the appointment gap

Tetris belongs on a gameboy, not your calendar. Our Precision Scheduling™ technology evenly paces appointments so that calendars are stacked to maximize the day and reduce unnecessary downtime.

Exceptional brands deserve a bomb booking experience

Make it easy for clients to schedule appointments, purchase memberships, and store credit card details directly on your site while staying on brand. Simple for them means higher retention for you.

You run the show

You know your business best. So we give you the flexibility and control to customize scheduling rules, staff settings, service categories, pricing, and more at the brand and location level - all according to your unique needs.

Powerful data for actionable insights

Data is cool, but data-driven outcomes are cooler. Customizable reports let you easily understand business performance and make decisions on where to focus your energy.

Swipe right

The platform works for you, our team works with you. No more waiting on the phone for urgent support. No more data hostage stunts. No more ordinary treatment - because you are extraordinary. We’re dedicated to understanding your individual business needs so we can offer tailored solutions worthy of a next-level partnership.