Boulevard for Owners & Managers

Big results without big headaches

Boulevard’s client experience platform is built to help you achieve profitability at scale without losing an inch of sanity. Our goal is for you to enjoy all that hard-earned success — because you deserve it.

Step away from the appointment gap

Tetris belongs on a gameboy, not your calendar. Our Precision Scheduling™ feature recommends “best times” during client booking to maximize each day and reduce unnecessary downtime. Customize pricing, durations, processing and transition times to stay organized and improve productivity.

Your clients will love it

Make it quick and easy for clients to schedule appointments and purchase memberships. They can book directly from your site, Google Search and Google Maps, or your social media accounts. More simplicity and flexibility for your clients means higher retention for you.

Less to manage, more to love

You know your business best. So we give you the flexibility and control to customize your client scheduling, staff settings, service categories, pricing, and more at the brand and location level. Organize everything according to your unique business needs and personal preferences.

Powerful data for actionable insights

Focus on business results, not excel sheets. Our customizable reports let you easily understand your business performance, align on goals, and decide where to focus your energy to unlock revenue. 

The best support in the biz

Our platform works for you. Our team works with you. No more waiting on hold for urgent support because our support team responds in minutes. And no more ordinary treatment —  because you are extraordinary. We strive to give you the same incredible service and support you give to your clients.

The Young American Salon

“BLVD is one of my most favorite things in the world...First is probably my mother, but right behind her is BLVD. And I would definitely recommend BLVD to my mom if she needed it!”

- Forrest, Owner