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Vish supercharges color revenue, seamlessly integrating with Boulevard to track color notes and formulas and also pushing appointments back to the color bar to keep in-salon communication and efficiency at its best.

At its core the Vish intelligent weighing scale and app capture the details of every color mixed as ingredients are weighed, then by reweighing the bowl after service formulas are adjusted to eliminate any waste. 

Ticket information such as product changes, add-ons, and additional color charges are sent directly to the front desk ensuring every color bill is correct and every service keeps the same profit margin regardless of how much color is required.

The data presented in your online dashboard takes the guesswork out of managing color in salon, allowing you to see every team member's color usage, cost and waste by service, accurately track and replenish inventory used, making your color business incredibly efficient and much more profitable. 

Formula details sent to client profile
Consistent color mixed every time
Services never missed at check out


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