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Reward and retain clients with offers

Everyone appreciates a special perk — especially when it gives clients a reason to come back for more. Whether you’re creating codes for a holiday, to push a product, or to thank new clients, offers are a great way to increase sales while making your clients feel special.

Offers Hero

Dynamic pricing FTW (For The Win)

Sit back, relax, and keep the calendar stacked. Powerful limited-time offers can be created specifically for slow days and are automatically applied at checkout or used by clients during self-booking. Clients stay happy and unnecessary downtime is long forgotten — win, win.

No offer should be one-size-fits-all

Watch products fly off the shelves and service requests go through the roof with customized perks. Offers for specific products, services, gift cards, or audiences can be created and applied at checkout or during self-booking. A great deal goes a long way.

Save time at checkout with auto-apply

Nobody likes doing the same thing over and over again. That’s why we give you the choice to select if an offer should be auto-applied at checkout. Take the guesswork out of giving your clients the best discount, and relieve reception of the tedious manual work.

Have full control over what you offer

Feeling super generous and want to give your client the best possible discount? No problem. Boulevard makes it easy to apply multiple offers on top of other discounts within the same ticket — giving your clients the best service and deal.

Stay on top of what’s working vs what’s not

Why create the same offer twice if it’s not increasing revenue? Our customizable reporting lets you dig into the data by individual staff member — from service count, client count, discount total, where the offer was redeemed, and more. It's never been easier to keep effectiveness in check.