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Turn customers into lifelong clients

Client retention can be tough. That’s why loyal clients deserve special treatment. With Boulevard’s Loyalty Program app, you can increase client retention by rewarding them for different purchases. It’s special perks like these that can turn one appointment into an ongoing relationship.


Reward clients your way

Customization shouldn’t be confusing. The Loyalty Program app was built to be customizable and easy to use. Design the best possible program for your clients by defining a points-based system for products, services, and the final redemption amount.

Give clients a reason to come back for more

Not all clients are textbook “loyal.” That’s why we give you the choice to enroll clients you feel are your “ride or dies” or enroll those clients you’d love to see more often. We also make it simple to track every point earned directly on the client profile. Whatever the reason, we leave it to you to choose who gets that special treatment.

All locations. One program.

Whether they’re making a big move, taking vacation, or visiting parents,your most loyal clients are bound to look you up wherever they go. Keep rewards, point balances, and program history consistent with a program that spans across all of your locations. Clients will be excited to see their points continue to rack up, and you’ll be able to keep performance on lock.

Rewards that turn into ROI

There’s nothing better than rewards that impact your bottom line. Keep tabs on how your loyalty program is performing and any outstanding liabilities directly within the dashboard, and make quick updates in the same place to test out the best ways to keep the numbers growing.