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How to Turn Your Salon into a Winter Wonderland

Four #notbasic tips for next-level decor that celebrates everyone

Want to get in the holiday spirit? Deck out your salon in festive winter decor. “Festive” is the key word here because while not everyone celebrates every holiday, everyone recognizes the excitement of first snowfall, the cozy comfort of hot cocoa, and the contemplative quiet of a snowy landscape.   

No matter the size of your salon, it’s easy to create an inclusive winter wonderland with these fun tips. 

Mix up the winter palette

The classic sparkling whites and icy blues have their place in winter. But if you’re up for somethin’ more spicy, swirl some golds and silvers, pinks and violets, forest greens, and peppermint prints into your color theme. 

Decide what vibes best with your clientele. Are they into neutrals, or do you see them covering everything in glitter? Cottage-core cozy vibes? Something edgy and ironic? If you really want to take it up a notch, make a Pinterest board and ask your clients to vote for their favorite decor on Instagram before you start bedazzling your halls. That way, they’ll feel like they’re part of the decorating process (and might be inspired to drop by for an appointment to see the results in person).

It’s all about the lighting (but you already know that)

Fairy lights are having a moment, but hanging them around windows? Boooring. Try putting a few strings in mason jars, running them (safely!) around countertops and product shelves, or trailing them down the mirrors. As a bonus, that fairy light glow is super flattering. 

Speaking of flattering lights, LED candles are becoming less tacky and more elegant every year. Use a few (or more than a few) to create that warm, mysterious cozy feeling without the hazard of actual flames (hey, this is not an article about fire insurance).

In case you like to get a little extra this time of year, two words: galaxy projector. Tucked away somewhere, this little machine makes a big impact, turning any space into an experience. They were originally invented for space enthusiasts, but for decor purposes, a galaxy projector emits a dreamy, ambient light reminiscent of aurora borealis—perfectly fitting for a winter wonderland.

Ice, ice baby

What’s winter without frost and an icicle or two? If you reside in cold climes and are up for some crafting, make ice lanterns. They won’t last long indoors but can be a beautiful addition to your storefront. 

Depending on how bougie you’re feeling and your budget, you could order an actual ice sculpture. Or just purchase some faux icicles or crystal decor that looks like icicles at your local craft store, no judgment.

Add a photo op space

Deck out a corner of your salon, provide props (masquerade masks, ice sculptures, winter garlands), and invite clients to snap a photo of their new look with your festive backdrop. Besides being fun for its own sake, it’s also a great way to get some social media love. Put up some signs reminding clients to tag you and add a hashtag to help keep track of the engagement.

Bonus tip! (It is the holidays, after all)

Host a winter self-care event featuring products for dry skin, protective hair care, or lip care. It’s a great way to connect clients with relevant products and spread even more holiday cheer. If it’s particularly stormy outside, you can also opt to serve hot cocoa or another cozy beverage to keep the spirits high. 

Encourage your guests to snap photos, post about their experience on social media, and tag you (don’t forget to create an event hashtag!). 

Whether you decide to go all out or simply add a few thoughtful touches of winter to your salon, don’t forget to have fun. After all, you only get to build a winter wonderland once a year! Enjoy the festive season with your clients and staff.

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