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Machines Need Love, Too: Why Beauty Businesses Shouldn't Overlook Tech Support

From improving efficiency to navigating emergencies, it pays to buy tech backed by a trustworthy support team

Digital transformation is well underway in the beauty industry, automating manual processes, creating growth opportunities, and changing how work is done. While this wave of innovation has led to huge operational improvements, there is another side to the coin: The more you rely on technology to run your business, the more you need the right support to keep things humming along. 

If you manage a salon, barbershop, or spa that’s building out its digital processes, then read on. This article explores the top four reasons why you should shop for tech with support in mind.

Because you can (finally) focus

Running a beauty business is hard work. You’re managing marketing, sales, finances, service quality, operations, people, pressure, and so, so much more. Keeping it all together can feel like playing three different sports — at the same time. Sure, you’re a pro. You keep your staff happy, clients buzzing, and the rest of the trains running on time. But you still could use some more focus in your life. 

This is one of the most important reasons you should ensure your essential tech is backed by exceptional support. If something goes wrong with your booking or your payroll goes off the rails, it’s a bad idea to divert you or your staff’s attention from delivering quality service. Like a coach, you want your star players to concentrate on their game. So outsource your tech problems as much as possible: It’s critical to running a winning team.

Because you want a partner in a pinch

Technical issues are already a pain — and they have a habit of showing up at the worst possible time. Gremlins may be a total myth, but they sure do explain how your POS device keeps going haywire during peak hours. Even a minor malfunction could put you in a real bind if you don’t have an experienced tech wiz on staff. Just about the last thing anyone wants to do is try to Google the solution to some mysterious breakdown with a line of customers waiting. 

Instead, take that anxiety off your plate by ensuring every piece of software or hardware you depend on has a dedicated team behind it. Businesses are complex and require most things to go right to keep the lights on, and robust tech support is your insurance for the inevitable rainy day. Keep a snowflake from becoming a blizzard, and work with vendors that will be there for you when you need it most.

Because implementation can be a real pain in the … asset

From data migration to user familiarity, numerous elements of any tech implementation can cause hangups. And if the new solution is core to your operations, a pause in service could put the brakes on your entire business. The friction caused by the deployment of new tech is a common reason some beauty businesses choose to pass on innovation: They’d rather stick with a burdensome legacy system that they know than risk completely floundering with something new and shiny. 

But that’s simply not a sustainable strategy. Instead of surrendering progress in the name of safety, get the best of both worlds by choosing solution providers that offer comprehensive support throughout the implementation process. Adopting new technology doesn’t have to be a pain. With the right team behind it, transitions can truly be seamless.

Because there are tech people that speak salon

If possible, you don’t just want your tech support to be competent — they should also know your industry. Everything just goes more smoothly if the people on both sides of the conversation speak the same language. Fortunately for beauty pros, there are solutions built and cared for by people that know their industry. 

Boulevard is one of those providers. Developed in collaboration with industry-leading owners and operators, our business management platform is the only modern solution built specifically for appointment-based businesses. That passion for this space is also reflected in our support staff, whose deep understanding of the beauty business is core to our products.

Finding a partner you can trust

Change — even for the better — is hard. Especially when it comes to integrating a new tech, you want to take on that challenge knowing you’ve got people to help you every step of the way. So do yourself a favor and choose solutions backed by an incredible support team. Because you’re not just looking to improve your process: You’re looking for a partner you can trust.

Boulevard not only has drastically simplified our operations, their customer care is unmatched. Having a team who understands your industry and always available to help, has made rolling our new procedures and implementing internal changes, seamless!

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Elvira C. / Head Of Operations


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