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4 Ways to Make the Most of a Slow Month

Slow months are scary for any business — here’s how to keep your peace of mind and come out on the other side stronger than before

We’ve all been there — the month when your appointment calendar feels barren and you’re worried about how having fewer clients might impact your beauty business. You’re probably mentally taking stock of your overhead costs, employee salaries, and all the miscellaneous expenses that come with running a successful business. A slow month is stressful.

Know you’re not alone when these months happen — and they’re going to happen — and that’s OK. Not every month can be a record breaker. The good news? Slow months tend to be predictable, so planning ahead is your number one power move. These four ideas will help you turn them into an opportunity to focus on business growth and hitting your marketing goals.

Learn more about your customers

Knowing your customers should be a priority every month of the year. However, slow months open a unique opportunity to understand them on a more personal level. 

Use your extra time during a slow month to speak one-on-one with customers and learn more about them. Take a look through your reviews. The good reviews show a job well done and the bad reviews are opportunities for improvement. Go a step further with surveys to learn even more from your customers: What are they looking for from your business? Do they have any suggestions for improvement?

The better you understand your audience, the better an experience you can provide for them. 

Prepare for the busy season

A slow month isn’t here to stay. Take this spare time to prepare for the busy season; proactive work now cuts down reactive scrambling later. Consider taking these preemptive steps:

  • Get all your tax and certification documents in order

  • Train your staff on a new skill or software

  • Make changes to streamline sticking points in internal processes

Little changes to your everyday operations may add up to enormous benefits down the line. 

Brainstorm ways to save money

Money will likely be top of mind during a slow month, which makes it a sensible time to think about ways to cut costs. Don’t get tunnel vision, though — any changes you make now should be just as beneficial to your business when it’s filled up with appointments. Here are a few ideas to get started.

  • Audit your tech stack and see if it’s working as hard for you as it should be

  • Shop for new suppliers or ask about discounted supplies and deals

  • Optimize your staff and store hours, ideally with the help of intelligent booking

Take time to reflect

Take some time to pause and reflect during your slow month. Odds are you’ve come a long way since day one of your business and you should be proud. If you can make the most of your slow months, you can alleviate some of the stress of dealing with a quiet stretch. With proper preparation, a slow month should be manageable, and even a net positive, for your business.

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