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Revolutionizing Radiance: How Technology Drives Pure Glow's Success by Sean Bock


By Boulevard

Hello, Sean Bock here. With nearly twenty years of experience in the beauty and skincare industry, I've seen firsthand how the right technological tools can redefine a business landscape. From spearheading franchise development at Drybar to evolving the business model at Heyday Skincare, my journey has been marked by innovative shifts in how services are delivered and experienced.

As the Chief Development Officer and Investor at Pure Glow, my role is to expand our reach through franchise partnerships across the country. I'm excited to share how technology has become a pivotal part of our growth and success. It's like having a reliable tool that enhances our day-to-day operations and how we connect with our customers. This use of technology has been instrumental in supporting our expansion and ensuring that we maintain high standards everywhere, making our journey into franchising smooth and effective. Adopting this strategy can help any business grow and thrive in today's fast-paced market.

Elevating Tanning to New Heights

At Pure Glow, we've transformed the airbrush tanning experience from an aesthetic treatment to a comprehensive wellness solution. Our founder, Lauren Rampello Becotte, initiated this venture with a vision to overcome the traditional challenges of sunless tanning—such as health risks and inconsistent quality. We aimed to not just improve but innovate.

Innovation at Pure Glow isn't just about avoiding the sun's harmful UV rays; it's about embracing a new paradigm in skincare. We have invested heavily in the latest cosmetic chemistry to create tans that aren't only safe and consistent but also remarkably natural in appearance. Our proprietary blends use premium organic ingredients, chosen not only for their effectiveness but also for their nourishing properties.

Each client's experience at Pure Glow is unique, tailored to their skin type and personal preferences, ensuring results that enhance natural beauty while maintaining the highest safety and quality standards.

Franchising Powered by Technology

As we explored franchising opportunities for Pure Glow, we quickly realized how crucial technology would be to growing our brand without losing touch with what makes us unique. Our main goal was to deliver an outstanding and consistent client experience at every location.

After thorough research, Boulevard continually stood out because they are the only real client experience platform on the market. It aligns perfectly with our high standards of excellence. Boulevard has been a game-changer in streamlining our operations, ensuring that each of our franchises lives up to the expectations our clients have come to cherish. 

Its intuitive interface offers powerful analytics and strong support, easing the administrative burden on our franchise partners. The best technology should feel invisible, never something you are stressing over. This lets you focus more on what matters most—caring for your clients. 

Embracing Boulevard has done more than just boost our efficiency; it has enhanced our ability to make intelligent, strategic choices and strengthen our community ties. This technology doesn't just support our business—it enriches our relationships with partners and clients, paving the way for shared growth and success.

Building a Community of Excellence

As Pure Glow embarks on its journey of expansion through franchising, we are thrilled to grow our brand and nurture a thriving community of entrepreneurs who share a deep commitment to self-care. Our partnership with Boulevard is more than a collaboration; it's a synergy that enriches our ability to connect with and uplift our community. Together, we are pioneering new standards in self-care, demonstrating that with cutting-edge technology, we can not only meet but surpass customer expectations and drive extraordinary growth.

Looking to the future, we are filled with optimism. At Pure Glow, we are dedicated to transforming self care by merging the art of beauty with the science of wellness. We aim to provide a tanning experience that is not only safe and luxurious but genuinely unparalleled in the industry. The path ahead is luminous, and we are excited to lead the way in redefining what personal care can be.

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