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True Love or Infatuation? 8 Signs Your Tech Support Team Is the Real Deal

These are the telltale signs you and they are meant to be.

There are some things in the world that are better when long. Walks, sunsets, limos, island iced teas, glances…but something that’s definitely not on that list is tech support wait times. When your salon management software starts giving you trouble, you need help and you need it fast. Here are 8 signs that your support team is worth getting hot and bothered about, and not just a flash in the pan. So you can spend less time waiting on hold, and more time thinking about things you might actually enjoy instead.

They’re an actual human

Look, there are plenty of things a machine can do just as well as a person but sometimes you need a real human being to do the work that needs doing. And spending hours hammering away at a robot just won’t get things completed, no matter how much time you spend searching for just the right string of words to get you where you need to go. A good support team means that when you contact them, an actual person is going to be there, to answer your questions and help you figure things out.

We stan a short king

And we stan a short wait time even harder. Get someone who’ll call you back, and not just leave you on read for days at a time. Short wait times, quick responses, and useful communications reign supreme when it comes to tech support, so you know that you’re not going to just get the helpdesk version of a 2am “u up”.

They’re reliable and consistent

You want someone who’s going to have your back, no matter what. Who isn’t going to change personalities at the drop of a hat. Reliable, and consistent, thick and thin. Someone who knows that when they’re doing the right thing, they need to just keep doing it, and not change plans on you all of a sudden. So look for a dedicated tech support team. One where the work isn’t being farmed out to a remote cluster of third-party phone answerers who can only work off a limited set of notes. Instead, find one with a dedicated support staff with an intimate knowledge of your needs, so they can help you properly.

The urge to merge

Combining lives is always a big step in a relationship, but an important one if things are going to get really serious. Listen, we all have baggage, and sometimes just leaving a toothbrush at their place is a big move. Bringing your data into a new management platform is every bit as scary — and let's be honest, maybe even moreso, as people’s livelihoods can depend on it. A tech support team that’s worth swooning over will walk you through the process, and make sure everything is connected and where it should be.

They can show you about ropes

Wait, no, show you the ropes. Getting used to a platform shouldn’t take your whole damn week. Get a tech support team who can connect with you in a way that makes learning to use their platform quick and easy. It should take no more time than absolutely necessary to learn the ins and outs of the system, so you can get back to doing what you love.

How are you feeling?

Regular check-ins are key to making every step of a relationship work. How’s dinner going? You feeling this scene? Want to head home from this party early? So, what are we? Well, maybe not that last one. The right tech support team will schedule regular 1:1s with you, to figure out if the platform is doing what you need, that everyone is on the same page, and that you’re working towards the same goals.

They give you space to do your own thing

Sometimes you just need room to breathe, you know? And someone who really has your back will give you the space you need for self-reflection, self-exploration, and maybe being just a little bit self-absorbed — because it’s all self-love. Good tech support means dealing with problems promptly, so they don’t drag on for weeks of slow back and forths. So that you can go back to focusing on what really matters…your clients.

They speak your love language

Love languages — the way people express positive feelings — include words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. Add “tech support and documentation written by actual humans for actual humans” to that list. Even better, tech support who know about your industry, and are able to support you in ways that work for you. A team that speaks “salon” can make all the difference between an unfathomable system that hinders you more than it helps, and a wonderful partnership between worlds that brings you countless joys.

Your tech support team should be your boo. They should know how to give you exactly what you need, and how you need it. They should have your back through thick and thin. And if your current salon management platform isn’t doing that for you? Maybe it’s time to start sliding into some DMs and looking for someone new. Better yet, let us set you up. We know a customer support team that’s guaranteed to treat you right.

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