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Slather, Rinse, Repeat: Sun-Safe Products That Won't Derail Your Beauty Routine

These three sunscreen-based beauty products will help you take better care of your skin when the summer months roll in.

No matter how long or short your everyday beauty routine is, sunscreen is a non-negotiable step. Even if it’s not the most exciting, it’s definitely one of the most important. In honor of National Cancer Awareness month and National Sunscreen Day on May 27, we’re shouting out some fun sun-safe beauty products that’ll put a little pep in your daily sunscreen step. There’s a whole lot of SPF to love on this list, so let’s slather up and make a splash.

Melanin is magnificent (but it still needs SPF attention)

The unfortunate truth is that a lot of popular sunscreens are formulated with white or light skin in mind. When applied on darker skin tones, those products can end up looking caked, chalky, or even greasy. No one wants to spend the summer — or a beachy vacation — walking around wearing a ghostly white layer. But these days, more and more sunscreens are being developed specifically to suit Black people and people of color’s SPF needs. Keep an eye out for brands that craft products specifically for melanated skin, like Unsun, Black Girl Sunscreen, Melé and Fenty’s skincare line. And don’t be scared off by mineral SPF products — if they make use of ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, they should soak right into the skin.

Your hair is not a hat and other scalp love stories

Even those of us who take sunscreen seriously often miss one important body part: our hair. We’re so busy reapplying our facial SPF, we forget the ways the sun can wreak havoc on our heads. Sure, you can wear a hat everywhere you go. But when you want to let your locks loose, take a few seconds to tousle in a hair oil or powder that comes with a little SPF. If you just can’t stomach adding another product to your routine, swap out your leave-in conditioner or dry shampoo for one with a little extra moisturizing power to help combat the drying effects of sun damage. A little goes a long way toward helping the health of your hair and scalp.

Protect your pout when you’re out and about

Sun’s out, gums out! If a bad smile pun is what it takes to bring your attention to your lips, we’re more than happy to go there. Chances are you’re already applying a little lippy on the regular, right? So why not choose one that brings some SPF to the party! You can seek out a straightforward SPF lip balm from a sunscreen company like Supergoop, or look for a colorful lipstick or gloss that does double duty with the added benefit of broad spectrum sun protection. Your lips will thank you come fall, and you’ll be prepped and ready to smooch up a storm all summer long.

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