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Spring Cleaning for Salons: The Ultimate Checklist

By tackling spring cleaning in an organized way, salons can help clients feel refreshed while preparing for the new season.

For many people, spring is a time to refresh their looks and revitalize their spirits. Salons are no different — spring cleaning is an excellent opportunity to freshen up workstations, try out new decorations, and start your season on the right foot. The good news is that the same process for organizing our homes is effective for sprucing up a salon workplace. If you’re not sure where to start, this plan can help you get started!


The first step of any spring cleaning is to declutter your environment. Take stock of what’s in your salon, and be judicious in terms of what you do and don’t need. Consider everything you see: all of your  equipment, decor, office supplies and even the products that you sell. What types of supplies do you use every day? Is any equipment broken? Have any products expired?

Your goal is to purge anything that is broken, outdated, or simply clashes with your brand. Make an inventory list and mark which items you will keep, dispose of, or repair. Even better, go full Marie Kondo and empty drawers, cupboards, and workstations so that everything is out in the open. Not only will that make it easier to decide what stays, but it will also help you with the next phase: cleaning.

Clean and sanitize

Once you have everything in the open and know what you’re keeping, don’t put anything away. First, use this opportunity to give every surface in the salon a deep clean. Scrub the floors, cupboard interiors, even individual desk drawers — you will rarely have a better opportunity to refresh everything at once.

Giving the store a deep clean isn’t just refreshing; it’s often practical. At this point, you’ve likely discovered products that were leaking in storage or hidden garbage that no one noticed for months. While you’re here, don’t forget to get ahead of pandemic regulations and sanitize each surface as well.

Find places for the most important items

Now that everything is clean and sanitized, you can begin the process of putting items away. But you don’t have to put everything back where it was before. Use this opportunity to organize stock based on practicality. Where are the most accessible locations for staff to access equipment and supplies? Where are the best product display locations that will catch the client’s eye? If you handle this right, you can optimize day-to-day client appointments, so they run far more smoothly than before.

Outside of practical considerations, give some thought to visual aesthetics. What do you want clients to see when they enter the salon? Will you emphasize products, salon equipment, client photos, branded messaging, or something else? This stage is also a great time to position new furniture, try out decorations, and put any finishing touches on the salon.

Plan ahead

By now, you’ve finished the hard part of spring cleaning, but the last thing you want is for the mess to pile up again. That’s why most experts recommend creating new cleaning routines that keep everything in check. Break everything up into daily and weekly tasks and assign them to stylists and technicians between clients. If you’re consistent, your team will breeze through deep cleans in a fraction of the time dedicated to spring cleaning!

It’s easy to feel like mess is about to overwhelm us, whether at home or the salon. But if you tackle spring cleaning in an organized way, your clients and team will feel revitalized throughout the year.

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