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Boulevard Spotlight: Skin House Facial Bar

For Skin House Facial Bar, skin care isn’t just a service — it’s a relationship.

At Boulevard, we’re fortunate to work with some of the most innovative and exciting brands in the beauty business. They inspire us, and by sharing their stories, we believe they’ll inspire you. Look for more about our partners in future Boulevard Spotlights.

Skin House Facial Bar isn’t just your average spa — it is the definition of a complete skin care experience. Shireen Mustafa founded this beauty company three years ago, intending to unite personalized self-care with traditional spa comforts and inspire a brand-new facial experience in the process. Today, Skin House is a highly successful woman-owned and operated business that serves women, men, and LGBTQ clients across Philadelphia and beyond, all while emphasizing the importance of having a healthy relationship with your skin.

All businesses say they put the customer first, but it’s a practical necessity for beauty boutiques. Every person has their own unique skin type, sensitivities, and conditions that beauticians must consider. To that end, Skin House offers a highly customizable menu and service plan focusing exclusively on personalized facials. Each solution is unique to its customer, while treatments are carefully chosen to meet individual needs.

Skin House’s most important perk isn’t the high-quality facials, it’s the relationship visitors build with their Skin Coach. These professional skin care specialists work closely with customers to establish the right treatment plan while educating them about products and techniques to use between sessions.

Skin House’s focus on quality starts from the moment a customer arrives. Each first-time appointment begins with a complimentary consultation to highlight how lifestyle and home routines can impact long-term skin health. Next, the customer receives a 30 or 50-minute premium facial with modalities and addons reflecting their needs. Future appointments emphasize a relationship with the skin coach, who offers expert answers and solutions that reflect precise skin conditions.

Even if you abstain from personalized skin care, there is no shortage of excellent treatment options to choose from Skin House’s menu. Customers can receive LED light therapy, dermaplaning, targeted extractions, and much more. There are even several uniquely-named specialty treatments to try out:

  • The Cryo Lift facial gives a low-temperature, high-pressure CO2 blast to increase oxygenation in the skin.

  • The Champagne Facial deep cleanse resurfaces the skin, encourages exfoliation, and leaves customers feeling refreshed.

  • The OMG Breakout anti-maskne treatment received high praise from Philadelphia Magazine for its deep cleaning and gentle exfoliation that clears pores, reduces inflammation, and minimizes breakouts caused by mask-wearing.

At Skin House, the end goal isn’t about pushing products and services to meet sales goals, it’s about helping customers take control of their skin care regimen. That’s why expert skin coaches prioritize everyone’s long-term needs, from memberships that let customers choose an ideal treatment length to a bridal service that gives monthly facials for at least six months before the wedding day. Everyone’s skin deserves a vacation now and then — and Skin House Facial Bar ensures you’ll reach the destination.

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