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Boulevard Spotlight: Plump

Plump is a bespoke boutique that wants injectables to be as approachable and accessible as any other med spa treatment.

When most people think of Botox and injectables, they picture frozen faces and other stereotypes. In reality, injectables applied by trained medical professionals contribute just as much to skin health as any other spa treatment. That’s why Plump wants to change the conversation. This cosmetics boutique and injectables bar — consisting of three New York locations and one Miami branch — offers medical spa procedures that are approachable, accessible, and de-stigmatized for all visitors.

In terms of services, Plump specializes in non-invasive treatments for the face and lips. In terms of practice, the brand is all about trust. Plump seeks to overcome popular reservations and misconceptions about injectables by leaning on its expertly-trained staff and transparent business practices. These goals take a variety of forms:

  • Efficacy: All of Plump’s products are supported with double-blind studies that verify clinical effects during treatment.

  • Safety: Plump only uses products that are FDA approved

  • Training: All injectors are board-certified medical professionals trained under Plump co-founder Alexander L. Blinski, MD.

  • Results: Plump’s treatments rely on tried-and-tested methodologies that guarantee lasting results for clients.

Of course, it can be challenging for new clients to navigate injectable treatments when they first arrive. To that end, Plump offers a general consultation with an expert injector to explore each service. This approach helps clients personalize their treatment, choose the right product, and develop the most effective care regimen.

During this consultation, clients will learn about the following high-quality services:

  • Injectables: Clients choose from a broad injectable menu that includes Botox, fillers, or the FDA-approved “QWO Cellulite Treatment.”

  • Skin treatments: Plump’s skin care solutions include microneedling, facials, peels, and even laser treatments.

  • Sculptra BBL: This injectable Brazilian Butt Lift stimulates collagen production while simultaneously adding volume to the client’s buttocks.

  • Touch-ups: Plump offers a range of Botox and filler touch-ups to refine the look of the initial treatment area.

As with many medspa services, treatment is just the first step — clients often need additional support after the appointment so the effects will last. To help clients make the most of their treatments, Plump created a series of care guides that help clients maintain their new look. Available from the Plump website, each service includes a series of frequently-asked-questions and detailed aftercare exercises.

Plump offers a bespoke and highly-personalized client experience, complete with unique injectable treatments rarely promoted by medical spas. So whether you need fillers, facials, or an FDA-approved BBL, this professional team will take every step to ensure you’re comfortable and confident in your treatment. After all, just like the in-store display says, “Plump isn’t just a brand; it’s a lifestyle.”

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