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Why Social Media Should Be Part of Your Stylists' Continuing Education

Your clients will inevitably cite the latest TikTok and Instagram trends, so you may as well have fun preparing

One of the most exciting things about working in beauty is that the field is dynamic. New trends are always emerging or cycling back into vogue. New products can completely change old ways of achieving a look. There's always something fresh to explore.

Thankfully, staying aware of the latest trends can be as easy as scrolling through social media feeds. In fact, salons and stylists can offer better service by being in-the-know about what's happening in hair care on social media. Determining whether the latest trends are actually something clients should try for their hair, face, or nails, or something to avoid like the rolling dumpster fire that social media can sometimes be, is where your professional expertise comes in.

Clients are up-to-date on social trends, and you should be too

Clients will be impressed if you already know what curtain bangs are, who's the latest star rocking a bizarro facial routine, or how to create whatever new nail hashtag is taking the world by storm. A well-educated stylist can also be a huge help in combating misinformation. The quick-fire nature of social media can make it a tough arena to get into technical topics, so a casual viewer may miss out on important details in an influencer's how-to videos. It's not unheard of for a potentially risky beauty trend to take off.

A stylist is the best person to filter beauty information and make it useful for each individual client. Knowing what's happening online means your team can protect customers from making bad decisions that could impact their health as well as their appearance. 

Who should you follow? 

The beauty industry and community has a huge presence across all social media platforms, and there's no single best practice for who you should be following. Instead, here are some broader categories of accounts that can provide valuable information to your stylists. 

  • The celebrity set: When someone sits down in your chair, how many times do they name an A-lister as the look they want? Keep an eye on the people who are defining those iconic looks for the red carpet and the magazine spread. Many celebrity stylists offer social media tutorials that can help you perfectly imitate a famous look.

  • Favorite brands: If there's a particular company your salon favors, give them a follow! They're the experts on how to use their own products, and they'll likely offer how-tos and tips you may not have otherwise considered. Not only will stylists be able to show off the product in its best light, but they can also better explain to clients how to maintain their new look after they leave the salon. 

  • Certified experts: Sure, the influencers might have lots of fun, splashy ideas to energize your creativity, but you'll want to make sure to fill out your social feeds with more reliable sources of information, too. There are plenty of licensed, accredited cosmetologists and dermatologists out there to help you sort the beauty facts from fiction.

Remember, everyone's beauty needs are unique, so be sure to follow a diverse set of people. Now go forth, scroll, and learn while you “like!”

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