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How to Make Your Salon a Hot Destination on Small Business Saturday®

Help boost revenue for your local beauty salon during the busiest shopping season of the year with these handy tips

The holiday shopping season is almost here, and that means Small Business Saturday is around the corner. American Express created Small Business Saturday in 2010 to help local businesses like salons and spas to capture a larger piece of the holiday shopping season. 

Shop small all year long 

The results of the American Express 2021 Small Business Saturday Consumer Insights Survey show that the total projected spending among U.S. consumers who shopped at independent retailers and restaurants on Small Business Saturday reached an estimated $23.3 billion.* A majority (79%) of consumers understood the importance of supporting the small businesses in their community on Small Business Saturday in 2021 and 66% reported that the day makes them want to Shop Small all year long. 

By preparing your marketing strategy now, you can leverage this event to help boost revenue for your salon during the busiest shopping season of the year. Here are some tips that can help make this year’s Small Business Saturday and the holiday shopping seasons one of the best ones yet. 

Make it special with promos and goodies 

When clients visit your salon on Small Business Saturday, it should feel different from any other day of the year. That means crafting one-of-a-kind specials, laying out free coffee and snacks, putting up a selfie station, bringing in local musicians or DJs, and anything else that can make your salon stand out. 

Doorbusters like early-morning gift bags and limited-time product discounts can help generate an early rush to build momentum for the rest of the day. Experiment with other unique promotions, like a coupon for anyone who shares a selfie at your location with a designated hashtag to help generate buzz on social media. 

Want to make those promos more specific? Many Amex Card Members are spending in the beauty products/services industry. Use this data to determine which BOGO or discount might land best with your clientele. 

In a March 2022 survey commissioned by American Express, American Express® Card Members that use their Card to purchase beauty products/services every 3 months: 

  • 76% report getting a haircut/coloring/styling service at least once every 2-3 months**

  • 58% report getting a manicure/pedicure service at least once every 2-3 months**

  • 89% agree that they are more likely to return and buy beauty products or services from a retailer when they know their American Express credit card is accepted.** Your business can order free signage to let customers know all the payment methods you accept.

Glam up your social media ahead of time 

The best way to let people know your salon is participating in Small Business Saturday is to tell people about it. Post it on all your social media channels so your salon is part of the conversation. Your salon management platform should tell you which channels clients respond best to, so lean into your data to guide your messaging. 

When posting online, use hashtags like #SmallBizSat and #ShopSmall — these are the official hashtags for Small Business Saturday. Many businesses also use #ShopLocal, so see what other businesses in your area are using to ensure your salon is a part of the online conversation.

Online posts are a great way to tease some of the promotions or special products and services that will be available. You can also ask what clients want to see with questions or polls to help gauge interest. 

Ultimately, your campaign should highlight that your salon is an important part of the community and let clients (and potential clients) know that shopping locally supports the local economy. 

Send out emails, too 

Emails are still a great way to keep in touch with clients, though there’s a good chance other shops and businesses will bombard their inboxes throughout the holiday season. To help push through the noise and increase your chances of reaching clients, point out your involvement in Small Business Saturday upfront and include any special offers or promotions in the copy of the email. You can even create an email-exclusive coupon to reward clients who sign up for your mailing list. 

The best way to stay top of mind is to send out a series of emails in the lead-up to Small Business Saturday. First, send an initial email as soon as your promotion details are ready. Then, send out a reminder email about a week before the event to resurface it in their inbox. Lastly, send out a final email about a day or so before the event. Salon management software like Boulevard makes automating this email campaign easy to set up and track engagement once your promotion is live. Use the tools available to you in order to keep tabs on the results and adjust as needed. 

Make the most of this unique opportunity 

Small Business Saturday falls during one of the busiest holiday shopping weekends of the year. People will be looking for any form of self-care they can to decompress from cooking, dealing with family, and running around town looking for presents. Small Business Saturday is your opportunity to remind current and potential clients they can spend their self-care dollars locally and keep that money within their community. By leveraging your social media channels and management software, you can make this year’s Small Business Saturday truly memorable and profitable. 

*The American Express 2021 Small Business Saturday Consumer Insights Survey was conducted by Teneo on behalf of American Express and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). The study is a nationally representative sample of 2,426 U.S. adults 18 years of age or older. The sample was collected using an email invitation and an online survey. The study gathered self-reported data and does not reflect actual receipts or sales. It was conducted anonymously on November 28, 2021. The survey has an overall margin of error of +/- 2.0%, at the 95% level of confidence. Projections are based on the current U.S. Census estimates of the U.S. adult population, age 18 years and over. 

**American Express commissioned an online survey conducted by Morning Consult in March 2022 relating to personal expenses in the specified industry. Definition of American Express® Card Members: Respondents in the U.S. who reported that they use an American Express Card to make personal purchases at least once every 6 months. Definition of Non-Card Members: Respondents who reported that they used a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card to make personal purchases at least once every 6 months and do not spend on an American Express credit card once every 6 months. 

Disclaimer: The trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.

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